Private Industry, Not Government, Is Playing ‘Big Brother’ – NATION AND STATE

For the longest time, these companies have been understood to be public forums. People could write and record whatever they wished to say, and these companies would not and could not be held accountable. People were provided a higher level of freedom of speech. Private industry remained protected. We were all satisfied with the arrangement.

That time, however, has passed. Social media giants have slowly been singling out and censoring voices, primarily of a conservative view. For liberals to think they wouldn’t be next would have been naive. This pandemic has proven it to be so.

Power does not discriminate. These social media platforms have decided to censor any opinion—conservative or liberal—that conflicts with “information you can trust from recognized health organizations.” This is the phrase labeled at the top of your mobile Facebook and Instagram account. Twitter has one. YouTube has a similar label at the top of its homepage—a label that has been shown more than 9 billion times.