Patterns of COVID-19 Mortality and Vitamin D: An Indonesian Study | The Wentworth Report

Patterns of COVID-19 Mortality and Vitamin D: An Indonesian Study. By Glenn Reynolds.

A Facebook friend’s succinct summary of the findings in this study:

Just under half (49.7%) of cases had normal vitamin D status, and only 4% of them died. Just over a quarter (27%) had insufficient vitamin D status, and most of them (88%) died. Just under a quarter (23%) had deficient vitamin D status, and almost all of them (99%) died.

$7 Billion in Debt, Virgin Australia’s Creditors Meet – NATION AND STATE

Deloitte has retained Houlihan Lokey to advise them on restructuring and finding a new buyer as soon as possible. It is estimated that Virgin owes nearly $7 billion (US$4.5 billion) to more than 12,000 creditors.

More than 10 parties are reported to have expressed interest in the airline, including Melbourne-based BHG Capital and U.S. private equity firms Apollo Global Management and Oaktree Capital Management.

On April 30, the Australian Financial Review reported that billionaire mining magnate Andrew Forrest is putting together a consortium via his Mindaroo Foundation to put in a bid.

Being Afraid & Eliminating Exposure To Germs Leads To Death by Fear & Germs… – NATION AND STATE

Virtually everything mandated by government to combat this virus is extremely detrimental to life, and this may be by design.
As more deaths are falsely attributed to this coronavirus, more power
and control will be concentrated in the hands of the State. One major factor in helping a virus to replicate and cause harm is stress. The
more stress evident, the weaker the immune system of its host. When the immune system has to go into action in order to alleviate mental and physical symptoms due to stress on the body, this leaves the body undefended, and viruses take immediate advantage of this opportunity. In other words, people will get sick simply because of undue stress,
stress now intentionally caused by this incompetent government.

Then there is the ventilator issue, which is very suspect. Ventilators are actually killing those that have a viral infection.

“Some hospitals have reported unusually high death rates for coronavirus patients on ventilators, and some doctors worry that the machines could be harming certain patients. Mechanical ventilators push oxygen into patients whose lungs are failing. Using the machines involves sedating a patient and sticking a tube in the throat. Deaths in such sick patients are common, no matter the reason they need the breathing help. Generally speaking, 40% to 50% of patients with severe respiratory distress die while on ventilators, experts say. But 80% or more of coronavirus patients placed on the machines in New York City have died, state and city officials say.

That is quite a statistic, given that the state and its so-called health “experts” in the administration, at the WHO, and at the CDC, have been pushing the use of ventilators since the beginning, and have used massive resources not only to greatly step up production and purchase of such machines, but have propagated far and wide on a daily basis the effectiveness of these machines in treating coronavirus patients. But with 80% of those patients dying while on ventilators, is another agenda being worked forward? Are hospitals gaining a financial advantage for putting patients on these ventilators? Is this a way to increase the death count, just as is coding any and every death as Covid, regardless whether the patient died due to other factors?

Senator Ted Cruz To Introduce Legislation To Punish Hollywood/Chinese Alliance | PA Pundits – International

In light of China’s gross negligence in handling the coronavirus outbreak that impeded the necessary preparation of 184 virus stricken countries, Cruz has proposed a piece of legislation that will punish any Hollywood production company wedding itself to destructive Chinese propaganda.

Called the “The Stopping Censorship, Restoring Integrity, Protecting Talkies Act” (SCRIPT Act), the proposed bill aims to “block cooperation between the U.S. Defense Department and any film studios that edit or alter their movies for audiences in China.” The idea is that, while the U.S. government is not going to censor or alter Hollywood expression, it will not aid in the production of any films that are being controlled by our geopolitical adversary.

“For too long, Hollywood has been complicit in China’s censorship and propaganda in the name of bigger profits,” the Texas Republican said in a statement, adding “The SCRIPT Act will serve as a wake-up call by forcing Hollywood studios to choose between the assistance they need from the American government and the dollars they want from China.”

What’s Next, Trillion-Dollar Coins? | US Issues

Most taxpayers have already received their $1,200 “stimulus” payments. However, that one-time payment will do little to repair the long-term financial health of the 26 million (and rising) who are newly unemployed.

And it surely won’t bail out all the small business owners who were callously deemed “non-essential” and forced to shut down during this pandemic.

A national WalletHub survey found that 84% of Americans want another stimulus check.

The idea of getting free money is understandably appealing, especially during times of extreme economic anxiety.

But ultimately, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. All government handouts come at a cost that will be paid one way or another.

With the federal government already on track to run a record budget deficit well over $3 trillion this year, where will the additional
trillions needed to fund BOOST payments come from? Tlaib and Jayapal
think they have the answer: order the Treasury Department to mint
trillion-dollar coins.

That is not a hyperbolic characterization of what they propose. They
literally propose that monthly BOOST payments be “funded directly from
the Treasury with no additional debt issued by minting two $1 trillion
coins, and additional coins as necessary.”

WhatsApp Blasts Israeli Firm for ‘Being Deeply Involved’ in Hacking 1,400 Users, Court Files Say | Aletho News

In newly publicised court filings cited by The Guardian, WhatsApp has taken a dig at the Israeli spyware company NSO Group, accusing it of exploiting US-based servers, as it was “deeply involved” in carrying out the mobile phone hacks of 1,400 users – with senior government officials and human rights activists among them.

The social media company took the matter to court last year, indicting NSO of severe human rights violations, including the hacking of more than a dozen Indian journalists and Rwandan dissidents.

FBI Notes Released – Show Plan to Frame Michael Flynn For “Logan Act” Violation and/or “Lying” About It – With Goal For Removal… | The Last Refuge

This was a ridiculous position, there was no violation of the Logan Act; however, it was this position from which the questioning the next day, January 24 2017, would be based.

The next page of notes discusses the “Afterwards”:

The redactions are likely “the transcript“; where the FBI has the transcript of the call between Michael Flynn and Ambassador Kislyak. The redaction would be continued to protect the source of the material (“sources and methods”)…

Interestingly, on the second day, the actual day of the interview, it appears Bill Priestap had second thoughts and was questioning the goal of the interview: “I thought about it last night and I believe we should rethink this”…

FBI Asst. Director for Counterintelligence Bill Priestap then asks the question: “what is our goal? Truth/Admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired?”

“It’s A Weapon For The US” – China Official Renews Calls To Dethrone The Dollar – NATION AND STATE

Peter Schiff has been predicting that the dollar is going to tank for quite some time. It’s a matter of when, not if. As the coronavirus
crisis began to unfold and the Fed fired up the printing press, Peter said that with the central bank and government response to the
coronavirus, hyperinflation has gone from being the worst-case scenario to the most likely scenario.

Peter has also said he thinks people will eventually start dumping dollars.

Nobody can hold dollars. Nobody can hold any bonds denominated in dollars. This is now like a game of musical chairs where nobody wants to get caught with dollars when the music stops playing.”

Wang not only expressed concern about the long-term stability of the dollar; he also echoed an oft-repeated criticism of the US controlling the reserve currency. America uses the privilege as a foreign policy tool. For instance, in 2014 and 2015, the blocked several Russian banks from SWIFT as relations between the two countries deteriorated. Last fall, the US threatened to lock China out of the dollar system if it didn’t follow UN sanctions on North Korea. Wang said this needs to end.

It is a weapon for the US, but a source of insecurity for other countries. The currency the world ultimately chooses for global trade must not be one that gives someone privilege, while exposing others to insecurity.”

A gold standard that prevented central banks from manipulating the money supply would be ideal. Peter has said that the US went off the gold standard in 1971, but he thinks the world is going to go back on it.

The days where the dollar is the reserve currency are numbered and we’re going back to basics. You know, everything old is new again. Gold was money in the past and it will be money again in the future.”

Meat Shortages Highlight Over-Regulation of Small Farmers and Processors – NATION AND STATE

According to Massie, who is a farmer himself and owns 60 head of cattle, the executive order does not resolve the fundamental vulnerability in the meat supply chain.

“Their response is to add more government to a problem that the government has exacerbated,” Massie said.

Instead, the congressman pointed to a bill he has introduced for the past three years that would allow local meat processors to sell meat to local grocery stores under the inspection requirements of their respective states rather than the burdensome USDA mandates. Massie views the bill a state rights issue as long as the meat products do not cross state lines.

NSW Health report tracking coronavirus cases in schools finds no teachers infected by students – ABC News

Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy cited the report on Friday at a press
conference with Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who stressed that social-distancing measures did not need to be followed in schools.

The findings of National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance
(NCIRS), tracked the spread of 18 cases — 9 teachers and 9 students — across 15 schools.