Minnesota Governor’s Daughter Hope Walz Was Tweeting Out Intel to Violent Looters and Rioters Just Like Ilhan Omar’s Daughter Isra Hirsi – Nwo Report


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We knew from recent rallies and riots that it’s highly likely the groups behind today’s riots are Domestic terrorists, revolutionary communists, US based radical Islamist organizations and others related to the Democrat Party. Today we have more proof this is the case.

We reported a few days ago that Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar’s daughter tweeted out support for the protestors:

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar’s daughter Isra Hirsi, retweeted a list of supplies for “comrades” who are rioting in Minneapolis.

Isra Hirsi is the co-founder of US Youth Climate Strike and her Twitter bio says she ‘hates capitalism.’

Isra Hirsi retweeted a post from Twin Cities DSA (Democratic Socialists of America): Want to help out your comrades protesting at the 3rd precinct (at Lake and Minnehaha?)

Here’s a good list of much needed supplies (except for milk! Water is always better for eyewashing than milk!! Please don’t bring milk!)

But there is more to this story. Similar tweets
supporting the rioters were being tweeted by Minnesota Democrat Governor
Tim Walz’s daughter – Hope Walz. She later deleted her account.

This appears to be how Democrats and Islamists are communicating instructions regarding the riots – through their children!

For Those Who Think #Antifa Cares About Anything – Trump:The American Years



Brooklyn protesters block rioters from looting Target – Wake Up To The Truth


An encouraging moment from last night in NYC. Although (a) one of the protesters later claimed he thought the “looters” were undercover NYPD detectives acting as agents provocateurs to make the demonstrators look bad, which, ah, okay, and (b) there’s been enough damage to Target outlets already that the company’s being forced to go dark notwithstanding last night’s heroics. Dozens of stores will close temporarily across the nation (but especially in Minnesota) until things calm down. The Brooklyn store is among them.

See Also: NYC Mayor defends cops that drove through crowd… before backtracking

Some protestors in Brooklyn calling to loot the Target, but organizers are rushing in front of the store to stop them, keep things non-violent

Andrew Solender (@AndrewSolender) May 31, 2020

This isn’t the only footage of protesters confronting vandals:

Turkey Begins East Mediterranean Oil Exploration Despite Greece, Egypt, Cyprus Outrage – NATION AND STATE


The Turkish authorities and the Libyan Government of National Accord signed the Maritime Boundary Demarcation Agreement on November 27, 2019 in Istanbul in the presence of the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the President of the Libyan Presidential Council, Fayez al-Sarraj.

Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and other countries oppose the agreement and describe it as “illegal”, a charge rejected by Turkey, which is the largest external supporter of the reconciliation government in its confrontation with the “Libyan National Army” led by Khalifa Haftar.

“Mysterious” Wrecked Tesla Found At Bottom Of California Cliff, Driver’s Body Found At Scene – NATION AND STATE


“For some reason, the man’s Tesla careened off the cliff, but all else remains a mystery,” CBS reported. While there is still no known cause for the accident, we will keep an eye on the story as it develops. There has been no confirmation as to whether or not Autopilot was involved in the accident.

However, of interest may be this Quora thread, which asks the question: “Does Tesla’s autopilot work on winding mountain roads?” One Tesla owner responded:

“It depends on the curvature of the road (presuming you meant “winding”). Over time, I’ve observed AutoPilot safely handling tighter and tighter curves at appropriate speeds. Currently, my Tesla can handle the relatively tight curve of a round-about with aplomb. Recently, it finally navigated a series of right-angle turns in an access road — albeit wobbly and just barely avoiding crossing either line.”

“Any time you’re off a well-marked motorway/freeway, you’re in an area which the current generation of Autopilot does less well,” a second Tesla owner says.

Recall, earlier this year the NTSB revealed that Autopilot had played a role in a fatal 2019 Model 3 accident in Delray Beach, Florida. The driver had set the car to go 69 miles per hour 12.3 seconds before the crash took place on a highway that had a speed limit of 55 mph, according to Bloomberg. The NTSB also revealed that the driver’s hands were not on the wheel for the final 7.7 seconds before the crash.

The NTSB had also arrived at similar findings regarding a 2016 Florida crash where another Tesla driver didn’t react to a truck in the roadway. In that instance, the NTSB found that Tesla’s Autopilot design contributed to the cause of the accident.

Tech giants, fake news media in PANIC over Trump’s targeting of Sec. 230; ending “viewpoint censorship” would crush fake news media’s propaganda monopolies on vaccines, 5G and GMOs – Wake Up To The Truth


Techno-fascists are in a state of panic over the thought of losing control over every narrative

The techno-fascists are in a panic, and they’re lashing out in the most malicious, punitive tactics we’ve seen yet. Facebook, for example, has blacklisted the sharing of all videos from Brighteon.com, a free speech video platform, effectively banning all videos from being shared. This includes videos from Chinese human rights pioneer Jennifer Zeng, who was tortured in a communist Chinese prison. Facebook’s banning of her videos no doubt pleases the CCP and Zuckerborg alike. Facebook is also banning videos about pet care, home gardening, prenatal nutrition and meditation.

Facebook and the fake news media have also unleashed a new wave of malicious fake news attacks to try to discredit independent media publishers ahead of changes to Sec. 230 that would give independent publishers a more level playing field to debate important ideas for human society. Now, instead of merely characterizing independent media as “fake news,” the mainstream media is claiming that any publisher who questions the fraudulent vaccine industry or the aggressive push for 5G is suddenly a “troll farm.”

What’s clear is that the narrative monopolists — the corporate news giants working in coordination with the techno-fascists — are for the first time facing the very real possibility that they will no longer be able to monopolize every debate and censor every view they want to crush. If President Trump’s efforts succeed at tearing down Sec. 230 protections for the techno-fascists, for the first time since the dawn of the internet, the corporate-controlled fake news media would be forced to start defending their deceptive fake news claims rather than relying on censorship and coordinated media smears to silence opposing views.

US protests following the death in Minneapolis, Journalists hit by rubber bullets in Minneapolis – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: Now the journalists in USA have their own taste of what Palestinian protesters suffer daily in their occupied country. Since they have not stood up for the oppressed and against Police brutality who is now left to stand up for them?


By Yasmin Jeffery

Journalists hit by rubber bullets in Minneapolis
AP: John Minchillo
Two member of a Reuters TV crew were hit by rubber bullets and injured in
Minneapolis on Saturday night when police moved into an area occupied by
about 500 protesters in the southwest of the city shortly after the 8:00pm curfew.
Footage taken by cameraman
Julio-Cesar Chavez showed a police officer aiming directly at him as police fired rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd.
“A police officer that I’m filming turns around points his rubber-bullet rifle straight at me,” said Mr Chavez.
Minutes later, Mr Chavez and Reuters security advisor Rodney Seward were struck
by rubber bullets as they took cover at a nearby petrol station.
On footage captured as they ran for safety, several shots are heard ringing out and Mr Seward yells, “I’ve been hit in the face by a rubber bullet”.
Asked about the incident, Minneapolis Police Department spokesman John Elder requested a copy of the video and made no immediate comment.
Mr Seward is seen in later footage being treated by a medic near the scene for a deep gash under his left eye. Both men sustained injuries to their arms, and Mr Chavez was hit in the back of the neck.
The Reuters journalists were clearly identified as members of the news media. Mr Chavez was holding a camera and wearing his press pass around
his neck.
Mr Seward was wearing a bullet proof vest with a press label attached..

Check out these 33 examples of Twitter’s anti-conservative “viewpoint discrimination,” compiled by the Media Research Center – Wake Up To The Truth


(Natural News) Amazingly, the techno-fascist tech giants continue to falsely claim they aren’t discriminating against anyone, even as they selectively censor and ban pro-America, pro-health freedom viewpoints on every subject imaginable.

NewsBusters has compiled a comprehensive list of 33 compelling examples of Twitter exercising extreme bias against conservatives. This is “viewpoint discrimination,” and it’s routinely carried out by Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Vimeo, Apple and other techno-fascists.

From NewsBusters.org:

President Donald Trump is right

Coronavirus state of emergency extended in Victoria as cases two clusters continue to rise – ABC News


Health Minister Jenny Mikakos said the state of
emergency, which will now expire at 11:59pm on June 21, was extended to
give the Chief Health Officer the powers needed to enforce new
restrictions that come into effect on Monday.

“It’ll mean the legal directions we’ve had in operation will be issued from
tomorrow to give effect to regulations relating to mass gatherings and the changes that will allow for example up to 20 people to be in a
gathering in a private home,” she said.

Deputy Chief Health Officer Annaleise van Dieman said genomic testing was underway to find out if the Keilor Downs outbreak was linked to the one at Cedar Meats in Brooklyn — a cluster of 111 cases of coronavirus.

She said how the Keilor Downs family became unwell was unknown at this stage.

…One additional case has been linked to the outbreak at Rydges on Swanston, bringing the total cases linked to the hotel to seven.

The destruction of two rock shelters in WA reveals a disturbing lack of appreciation for our heritage – ABC News

Comment by tonytran2015: 1. It appears that Australia has been dead set on Population Replacement in Australia. This is just part of “the bigger picture”, First Nation People are only among many to be replaced. 2. The World needs more of German general Dietrich von Choltitz, the last Nazi governor of Paris.


Now to Western Australia

Mining giant Rio Tinto has destroyed something so ancient in WA it’s hard to fathom with a human brain.

Two rock shelters, recognised as one of Australia’s oldest known Aboriginal heritage sites — with evidence of human occupation from over 46,000
years ago — were destroyed last weekend.

An aerial view of the red dirt and trees of the Juukan Gorge.Rio Tinto was given permission to blast Juukan Gorge 1 and 2 under Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act.(Supplied: Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura Aboriginal Corporation)

Rio Tinto, operating legally under a law written in the early 1970s, detonated the shelters to extend its Brockman 4 iron ore mine.

Rio knew the site was thousands of years old and it had delayed destruction
of the rock shelters to allow excavations to be carried out and for cultural artefacts to be salvaged.

But archaeologist Dr Michael Slack, who led the excavations in 2014, found
several “staggering” artefacts, including grinding and pounding stones
believed to be the earliest use of grindstone technology in Western
Australia, and a 28,000-year-old kangaroo leg bone sharpened into a pointed tool, which appeared at the site up to 10,000 years earlier than in other sites.

He also uncovered a 4,000-year-old belt made of plaited hair, whose DNA
was associated with today’s Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura traditional

His excavation dated human occupation in the region scores of thousands of years earlier than previously thought.

“What we found were some really important discoveries,” he said.

“And so significant in that respect, that it’s one of those sites you only excavate once or twice in your career.”

How can we put the loss into perspective? Can our brains comprehend deep time?

According to historians, written language was invented around 5,500 years ago. The Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world, was constructed around 4,500 years ago.

So go back a further 40,000-odd years.

Peter Stone, a world-renowned archaeologist and UNESCO chair in Cultural
Property Protection and Peace at Newcastle University in the UK, said
the destruction of the rock shelters was comparable to the Islamic State’s destruction of Palmrya.

“It’s a tragedy that sits up there with all sorts of sites; the Palmyras, Mosuls and Bamiyan Buddhas of this world,” he said last week.

Is anyone responsible?

Western Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage Act hasn’t been updated since the 1970s.

Since mid-2010, mining companies operating in WA have applied 463 times for
leases that grant permission to destroy or disturb heritage sites and none has been refused.

Rio Tinto received legal
approvals and ministerial consent in 2013 to conduct the detonations after consulting traditional owners and allowing archaeological

WA’s Treasurer and Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Ben Wyatt, says the WA
Government is hoping to modernise the Aboriginal Heritage Act.

And Burchell Hayes, a traditional owner of the Puutu Kunti Kurrama people,
said his people were sad that something they had a deep connection to had been destroyed.

“We can’t undo what’s already happened, but what we can do is try and go back to Rio Tinto and talk to them on how we can protect the remaining sites in that area,” he said.

Where does that leave us?

It makes one think of a story from World War II.

In the final days of the German occupation of Paris, a German general called Dietrich von Choltitz, the last Nazi governor of the city,
refused a direct order from Adolf Hitler to obliterate major landmarks in the city.

If it weren’t for his disobedience, the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame, and other buildings and bridges would have been blown to smithereens.

Why didn’t he do it?

He believed Hitler had become insane by that stage and the destruction would have been militarily futile.

But he also had an affection for the city’s history and culture.