The Full English Show: We Are Being SCAMMED GLOBALLY – 30 April 2020 | ukgovernmentwatch

Anglo American
With over 200,000 deaths for the US and Europe, and only 20,000 deaths for the rest of the world, despite the fact that the US and Europe is on the other side of the world from China, by all common sense and logic this has to be a targeted attack, its obvious. It looks to me that this was an attack by the ‘deep state’ globalists in collusion with China, as both were losing big time since Brexit and Trump happened. Despite huge resistance from the globalists, and their useful idiot remoaners, Brexit finally happened and would have almost certainly collapsed the globalist created EU project and model for their long planned ‘one world government’. Their climate change hoax was falling apart, most people just wasn’t buying it anymore. Greta was their last hope of reviving this hoax, but she was failing badly as well. So this virus looks to me like the globalists and China have chosen the nuclear option, with the intention of collapsing the US and European economies, China will then buy up US and European businesses, property, and land, at bargain basement prices, then the globalists will come along with their ‘solution’ so everything can return to ‘normal’, which will be in the form of a vaccine with accompanying implanted microchip, that will be connected to the new 5G network, if this happens it will be well and truly be game over. Pray to God president Trump and his allies prevail, otherwise we are all well and truly screwed.

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I proved in vaccine injury court that the MMR Vaccine caused autism in my oldest son. Do not let the state near your children with the MMR Vaccine.