An Essay: Reactivating the Truman Doctrine – the holbrook blog

Si vis pacem, para bellum—if you want peace, prepare for war. In the midst of a new cold war, these ancient words ring as true as ever. Despite the fall of the Soviet Union and the subsequent embrace of democracy throughout many parts of the world, totalitarianism persists to this day, and is stronger than ever. With the adoption of the World Wide Web and the ongoing development of artificial intelligence, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) wields a greater power to manipulate, surveil, and enslave its citizens than any nation in history.

… Part of China’s grand strategy has been to form a continental bloc of
authoritarian states who together can build an isolated world order free
from Western rule of law. There are many such states, like Iran, Russia, Cambodia, Venezuela, North Korea, and Syria. However, the bloc
is not merely an association, but a malignant tumor:

…“interferes in the political systems of developing countries …, tipping the scales towards China-friendly politicians and
policies” … bribing
officials in those countries for special privileges and favors … the Silk Road… ‘One Belt One Road’…

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