FREEDOM: California city declares itself “Sanctuary” from Newsom’s lockdown |

Officials in Atwater, a city of just under 30,000 people in central California, have unanimously agreed not to enforce the tyrannical Health Orders imposed on us by the state. That means the local authorities will not interfere with any business or church that decides to reopen ahead of state restrictions! This is a great move by the city of Atwater and every patriot in America should be applauding their decision!

The declaration was a very bold symbolic gesture of defiance against Governor Gavin Newsom’s despotic order. I predict this move will have reverberating consequences across the state. This will lead to more places seeing that it is OK for us to go on about our lives, fully aware of the risks.

That is the perfect type of governance in my eyes. When our leaders tell us the dangers and warn us, but essentially step back after that and let us make our own decisions. When they start trying to tell us what they think is good for us and then they try to force us to comply, that is when we should be worried.