China is a bully – Ted Campbell’s Point of View … an old soldier’s thoughts on shoes and ships and sealing wax and many other things. I self describe as a classical liberal ~ which means, in 21st century Canada, that I’m a Conservative. I believe in four …

China is a bully,” says Scottish journalist Stephen Daisley, writing in The Spectator, and “the sooner the West understands that, the sooner we can begin to push back.

I think that much, even most of the West does understand that. The evidence has been mounting for years, starting with China’s push into the contested waters of the South China Seas and including China’s use of ‘hostage diplomacy’ against Canada. Perhaps the extent of China’s bullying is more obvious to most people than Mr Daisley thinks.

Certainly, here in Canada, many respected commentators seem to get it. For example, Terry Glavin, writing in the Ottawa Citizen notes that “Well, here we all are, nearly half way through the Year of the Plague, and owing to the dreariness of any survey of the so-called world stage – with its cast of blood-soaked tyrants, buffoons and mediocrities, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s comically vain estimation of his own exalted and rightful place among them – some good news would be welcome …[and, he says, there is some and ] … we should take at least some small measure of courage and comfort from the one unambiguously cheery event that occurred this week. It was a modest but strangely moving inauguration ceremony, in Taipei, at the former palace of the Japanese imperial governor-general. While Xi Jinping and his generals across the Taiwan Strait were wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth, Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s incumbent president, formally embarked upon her second term as the most courageous, principled and competent leader of any country on the face of the Earth.” Much of the world celebrated. meanwhile, in cloud-cukoo-land Trudeau-land, the foreign minister was forbidden to even say the name Taiwan as he struggled to gracelessly express some gratitude to that country for donating personal protective equipment that actually worked, unlike that which the Trudeau regime purchased from China.

Over in the Globe and Mail, Andrew Coyne says that “When it comes to relations with China, there would appear to be two choices. On the one hand, there is the position of the Liberal government and certain corners of the business community: a hazy mix of complacency, denial and appeasement … [while] … On the other hand, there is the position associated with Donald Trump and his advisers, but increasingly taken up by more respectable sections of conservative opinion. In this view, it is not sufficient indictment of China’s dictatorship that it imprisons and tortures dissidents, that it threatens Taiwan or interferes in Hong Kong, or interns its own Muslim-minority Uyghurs.” It’s important to note that, as dumb as he is ~ and I assert that President Trump is a truly stupid man, albeit an incredibly sly, crafty one, who makes that proverbial bag of hammers look smart ~ he can, like a stopped clock, be right now and again. On how China lied to the world about the novel-coronavirus, President Tump is very likely mostly right. Justin Trudeau, on the other hand is a simpering, sycophantic simpleton who is on his knees in front of Xi Jinping, hoping that he will not foil Trudeau’s bid for a worthless, temporary, second class seat on the United Nations Security Council.

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