Why Did Some Historic Christians Promote Slavery While Others Condemned It? — Cold Case Christianity | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


On March 25th, 1807, the world celebrated the abolition of the Slave Trade Act, which for many years allowed slaves to be bought and sold in the United Kingdom. In 1863, America followed when Abraham Lincoln started the process of abolishing slavery here in our country as well. The Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery in the states seceding from the Union, and slavery officially ended in America with the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment two years later in 1865.

The 2006 movie, Amazing Grace, chronicled the abolition movement and caused many people to consider the role Christianity played in both the promotion and abolition of slavery. Many Christians are uncomfortable with the historic role believers have played related to slavery in our country. Many devout, church-attending Christians owned slaves right alongside non-believers. Sadly, these believers often cited Christian Scripture to support their ownership of slaves. Prior to the Civil War, many southern slave owners excused their slave ownership by pointing to passages in the Bible. Look, for example, at what Jefferson Davis said in his Inaugural Address:

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