Chinese Pearl Harbor: Xi’s CCP deliberately infected West with COVID-19 – Wake Up To The Truth

Comment by tonytran2015:

WASHINGTON, DC — The release of the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance dossier from major western intelligence agencies makes clear that the COVID-19 pandemic originated at the Wuhan Virological Institute. That it was allowed to spread to Western Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and around the world deliberately. There is prima facie evidence. For many weeks China did not allow travel from Wuhan and Hubei province to other cities in China. Yet, they sent flights to Western Europe, the United States, and cities outside of China around the world.

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese citizens traveled to and from Wuhan from abroad during this time. Thus seeding the infection throughout the world.

This was weeks or even months after the Chinese government and the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party knew it was a highly communicable and dangerous virus. That had escaped from their own biowarfare lab in Wuhan. After being genetically altered on two of its receptors. To make it more transmissible to humans.

The evidence of the collection and manipulation of bat viruses is overwhelming. The timeline of infection was made clear months ago. This writer discussed the release of the virus for CDN on Feb 16th. (“Did the Coronavirus escape from Wuhan bio-warfare research lab WHCDC”). CDN revealed the timeline and sourcing of the virus on March 20th. (“Connor Reeds Wuhan Flu Diary: China Virus originates in October 2019”.)

The Epoch Times has done a remarkable documentary on the bat collection and virus superstars of the Chinese scientific media and community. The proof is undeniable.

These were renowned scientists, now kept under wraps, who published papers relating to the alteration of bat coronaviruses in 2013 and 2017.

The Wuhan Virology Lab took a nasty bat virus with unknowable properties and made it easier to enter humans by altering two receptor cells taken from the SARS virus.

So it escaped in early October, as is now confirmed by telemetry in the Wuhan area showing no cell phone activity near the Wuhan Virological Institute. This provides substantive evidence of a “hazardous event” which shuts down the institute from October 7 to the 24th. (Analysis of cellphone location data in high-security area of Wuhan virology lab that studied coronavirus in bats indicates it shutdown in October after a ‘hazardous event’)

Cases began appearing in November the response of the Chinese Communist Party was to invent a cover story about the wet markets. And maintain that cover story for months. Even as the crisis grew. The rest of the story is clear.

Taiwan warns the WHO that the virus is transmissible in late December. The WHO ignores them. They are in the pocket of Beijing. Chinese doctors begin speaking out in Wuhan on the internet that same month. They are quickly silenced, arrested, and disappeared. The principal whistleblower dies of the disease 6 weeks later.

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