Donald Trump breaks US ties with WHO, moves to end Hong Kong privileges as coronavirus tensions with China surge – ABC News

…Visas suspended for Chinese graduate students

The President also said the US would be suspending
entry of Chinese graduate students who are suspected of taking part in
an extensive government campaign to acquire trade knowledge and academic
research for the country’s military and industrial development.

Allowing their continued entry to the country would be “detrimental to the
interests of the United States”, Mr Trump said in an order released after the White House announcement.

Sources, including a current US official, said the move could affect 3,000 to 5,000 Chinese graduate students.

The order issued by the President included an exemption for students whose work was not expected to benefit the Chinese military.

China seemed to signal in recent days that it was hoping to ease tensions.
Premier Li Keqiang told reporters on Thursday that both countries stood
to gain from cooperation, and to lose from confrontation, because their
economies had become so interconnected.

“We must use our wisdom to expand common interests and manage differences and disagreements,” Mr Li said.

China has insisted that its control of Hong Kong is an internal matter and it
has disputed that it mishandled the response to the virus.

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