Killer Cuomo and the Science Denying Democrat Parasites of Death – Wake Up To The Truth

WASHINGTON, DC: Governor Andrew “Killer” Cuomo is directly responsible for the deaths of over 5,800 nursing home patients from coronavirus in New York State. Cuomo’s science-denying policy of March 25th forced 4,400 people who tested positive for COVID-19 into nursing homes across New York State. Even though there were more than 2,000 available beds on the Navy Hospital ship Comfort.

Another 2,000 at the Javits Center. And 2,100 unused beds at a field hospital in the heart of the outbreak in Brooklyn. 6100 available beds, all constructed at a cost of millions of taxpayer dollars.

Instead of discharging these COVID-19 patients to readily available facilities specifically built for the outbreak, those facilities went largely unused. The Brooklyn facility alone had a capacity of 2,100 people but never saw a single patient.

Instead, Gov Cuomo deliberately and systematically followed a policy guaranteed to threaten the lives of every nursing home patient in the state of New York. To not put sick people into nursing homes is simply common sense. Why on earth would Cuomo do this? Or allow it to happen. Why did he not stop it from happening?

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