Tech giants, fake news media in PANIC over Trump’s targeting of Sec. 230; ending “viewpoint censorship” would crush fake news media’s propaganda monopolies on vaccines, 5G and GMOs – Wake Up To The Truth

Techno-fascists are in a state of panic over the thought of losing control over every narrative

The techno-fascists are in a panic, and they’re lashing out in the most malicious, punitive tactics we’ve seen yet. Facebook, for example, has blacklisted the sharing of all videos from, a free speech video platform, effectively banning all videos from being shared. This includes videos from Chinese human rights pioneer Jennifer Zeng, who was tortured in a communist Chinese prison. Facebook’s banning of her videos no doubt pleases the CCP and Zuckerborg alike. Facebook is also banning videos about pet care, home gardening, prenatal nutrition and meditation.

Facebook and the fake news media have also unleashed a new wave of malicious fake news attacks to try to discredit independent media publishers ahead of changes to Sec. 230 that would give independent publishers a more level playing field to debate important ideas for human society. Now, instead of merely characterizing independent media as “fake news,” the mainstream media is claiming that any publisher who questions the fraudulent vaccine industry or the aggressive push for 5G is suddenly a “troll farm.”

What’s clear is that the narrative monopolists — the corporate news giants working in coordination with the techno-fascists — are for the first time facing the very real possibility that they will no longer be able to monopolize every debate and censor every view they want to crush. If President Trump’s efforts succeed at tearing down Sec. 230 protections for the techno-fascists, for the first time since the dawn of the internet, the corporate-controlled fake news media would be forced to start defending their deceptive fake news claims rather than relying on censorship and coordinated media smears to silence opposing views.

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