A State Secret: The Closest the US Ever Came to a Nuclear Confrontation: June 8, 1967 – LewRockwell

Comment by tonytran2015: If this story is true it will be the most important event of 20th century: An unconstitutional, immoral Nuclear War driven by foreign interest through deception (“USS Liberty: Dead In The Water” (BBC Documentary 2002) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kjOH1XMAwZA).

A State Secret: The Closest the US Ever Came to a Nuclear Confrontation: June 8, 1967 – LewRockwell, https://www.lewrockwell.com/2020/06/phillip-f-nelson/a-state-secret-the-closest-the-u-s-ever-came-to-a-nuclear-confrontation-june-8-1967/

The documented facts (at least by the BBC and Al Jazeera, since no American MSM source ever investigated it) are that at 8:45 a.m. EDT (2:45 p.m. off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula) on June 8, 1967 two A-4 bomber aircraft loaded with nuclear bombs were dispatched from the aircraft carrier USS America, bound for Cairo with orders to drop those bombs on that city.[1]

It came on the fourth day of the Six-Day War between Israel and three of her neighbor states: Egypt, Syria and Jordan (the trio was known as the United Arab Republic – U.A.R., for their defense pact). It was a war that had been planned for months, provoked and started by Israel but falsely blamed on Egypt. That war is still celebrated in Israel for how it resulted in expanding its borders; a sub-operation, to be examined below – the attack on the USS Liberty, which Israel had no real motive or reason to conduct – had been inserted by President Johnson for his own muddled political reasons.

But it backfired on him when the Liberty did not sink, a “miracle” some say, only possible through Devine Intervention. Johnson’s outrageous actions might have resulted in his impeachment had he not initiated the broadest, most effective cover-up of his presidency; indeed, it was arguably the largest, most enduring cover-up of all time, as evidenced by the fact that most Americans have still never even heard of it, nor the fact that a major nuclear conflagration with the U.S.S.R. – the “Soviet Union” (now known as merely as “Russia”), was likely aborted with only a few minutes to spare. At the last minute – with the A-4 bombers flying over Egyptian territory, probably shaken into his senses by his aides and SECDEF McNamara frantically urging him to do so – President Johnson finally cancelled the attack.

… The difference is that this outrageously brazen incident, due to the stricter military secrecy protocols put into place, still remains an “official secret,” thus largely unknown to a public that is now so disinterested in all of it that the myths may live on forever. Those others – i.e., the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK (etc.) – have been force-opened sufficiently to essentially disprove forever the “official stories” (myths), at least within the minds of those who have studied them closely. The remaining deconstruction of the primary one (JFK’s assassination), might coincide with the release of all remaining government secrets, has now been rescheduled by President Trump for April, 26, 2021. (He had made a number of statements before the original disclosure date (October 26, 2017) that he fully intended to open the files and therefore the last-minute delay must be assumed to be a temporary one).


[1] Hounam, Peter, and John Simpson. Operation Cyanide: Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III.
Chatham, Kent, UK: Mackays of Chatham, Ltd., 2003, pp. 181-82. (Also
see the BBC video “Dead in the Water” available on Youtube).

According to Mike Ratigan, who served on board that carrier as a
center-deck catapult operator responsible for maintaining the catapult
in working order. He remembered the call to general quarters (battle
stations) in the early afternoon of June 8, 1967, later learning that this was due to the attack on the Liberty. The A-4 bombers were each fitted with two bombs having a gold-colored tip, a type that he had never seen before: “I’d never seen that particular type of ordnance, and as we had gone into Condition November (notice of imminent nuclear war)
subsequent to being in general quarters, it was definitely not a drill.
Marine guards were escorting the A-4, and that was a very unusual
experience. I’d never seen anything like that in the four years that I was in the Navy as a Cat operator.”

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