The Trump Traps | John Barleycorn

The Democrats, most Republicans, the deep state, the media,Iran, China, and the cultural elite all hate Trump with a passion. They will do anything to bring back the wonderful Obama / Clinton years.
First they throw Russiagate at him and the Virus hype, and now the Race card coupled with anarchy, murder, and looting. This is all happening by design to get their power back.
The victims of all of this are the American people as well as our economy and our freedoms. Regaining power is the game while the rest is considered collateral damage.
Trump is playing a smart hand by letting the states deal with these messes. This way it becomes clear who is practicing bad governance and watching their citizens suffer. Those out of power cannot regain it by honest debate of the issues or proposing a positive agenda for going forward, so they resort to violence and murder. That is all for today.

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