‘This is not normal’: American police ‘armed to the teeth’ & ‘ready to kill,’ yet rarely face consequences, says Lee Camp — RT USA News | Truth2Freedom’s Blog


Americans are abused and killed on a daily basis by increasingly militarized law enforcement, yet officers almost never see punishment, said RT’s Lee Camp, as a wave of anger and unrest over police brutality sweeps the US.

“We are not actually having the real discussion about why our police are all over the place, like an infestation, and armed to the teeth and ready to kill. That is not normal, that is not how most countries do it,” Camp said, citing research showing that between 900 and 1,000 people are killed by the police in the US annually. They rarely face charges, with only one percent of police-involved killings resulting in any indictment.

When you call the police, you’re inviting the possibility of someone getting murdered into the situation. You’ve invited guys with guns who can kill with impunity.

Watch the full episode of Moment of Clarity with Lee Camp:

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