America is at its breaking point and white women still won’t stop frivolously calling police on black people|© blogfactory

Americans of all stripes are taking to the streets to protest the unjust killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police — and the larger issues of police brutality and institutional racism in our society. The vast majority of Americans support these protests.

But even if you’re white and among the paltry 14% of people who strongly disagree with the protests, one might think the recent international humiliation of Amy Cooper for her racist behavior would be enough to at least provoke some circumspection. Enough circumspection to say … not frivolously call police on a black woman for going about her day.

Alas, no.

Little more than a week after the Cooper video went viral — and in the middle of national protests over systemic racism — white New York restaurateur Svitlana Flom called police multiple times on a black woman sitting on an Upper West Side Manhattan park bench, alleging “harassment” and threats against her child.

A series of Instagram posts by user @_brownsugarbaby (the recipient of Flom’s wrath), don’t show anything of the sort. What they show is an entitled white woman appalled at not getting her way — and willing to summon shock troops away from escalating civil unrest until she gets it.

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