The Looming Failure of Wind Energy | US Issues

…The supporters of wind energy ignore the actual performance. Plate
Capacity is less important than energy dispatched. Critically the
importance of variability is not understood. Faith that the large pumped
storage facility of Snowy Mountains 2.0 will stabilise renewable energy
dispatch is a delusion….

Bayswater Versus Wind

If wind energy generation is to replace coal, we must compare them.
Bayswater is the second largest coal-fired power station on Australia’s
eastern grid it has a plate capacity of 2.6 GW. A comparison can be made
with the data produced by the AEMO.

…For the comparison I choose Bayswater Black coal station in the Hunter
Valley of New South Wales. That single station dispatched 16 TW hours
during 2019. The 55 wind stations connected to the eastern grid spread
over the entire east coast of Australia dispatched 17 TW hours.

…By government mandate the energy delivered by wind must be accepted and
it is not driven by demand but by the amount of wind occurring at any
one time. …

The only way to achieve that is storage of the energy produced so that it is dispatchable. For this to happen there is a significant
financial and efficiency cost.

Wind Energy Storage

The proposed pumped storage facility called Snowy Mountains 2.0 is
the expected answer. It is designed to produce 2 GW for seven days…

… Another of loss will occur if the maximum capacity has been reached. Any excess electricity generated at this point will be lost.

…Hypothetically a large pumped storage in combination with the existing wind infrastructure could produce stable dispatchable power to replace one fossil power station. But there is a cost. According to the model
this would produce 14 TW hours for 2019… Financially the cost will be about $21 billion! $16 billion for the wind infrastructure and 5 billion for pumped storage…Actual land area can be found from the work done by David Mackay. The area is nearly 3500 km².

…Fully operational Bayswater Power Station can produce 19 TW hours of
electricity annually. A 2 GW HELE coal-fired power station has a cost of
$4 billion. That figure is based on one built in Germany in 2016 and
the proposed station in Queensland at Collinsville, so an estimate to replace Bayswater would be $5 billion.

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