Black Pepper to Stop Bleeding | The People’s Pharmacy

My old friends tell me that is what they used in World War II. It is cheap and handy and we have used it to great effect.

First Aid First:

Don’t forget first aid: apply direct pressure on the cut for several
minutes. After that, black pepper makes a great home remedy.

Black Pepper Enthusiasts:

We have heard from a number of people who use this remedy. One reader suggests:

little packages of black pepper from the fast food stores are easy to
carry with you and will stop bleeding. All are easy to wash off if you
have to go to the doctor.”

Still another comments:

“Either black or red
pepper works very well too. I keep some in my auto first aid kit. Every
workshop should have some pepper to stop bleeding and some soy sauce for
burns in it. I have used both at times during my work. Oil of oregano
is another must. It works wonders to neutralize stings. One drop does

Here is yet another great black pepper story, this one from a cabinet maker: