Thousands of Australians Apply for HomeBuilder Grants in First Week

Comment by tonytran2015: Rob the poor to pay the rich, Australian way (

Over 12,000 Australians have registered for the federal government’s HomeBuilder scheme in less than a week.

The $25,000 grant has attracted many people who have had to put plans on hold due to the lockdown measures established to combat spread the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as novel coronavirus.

The HomeBuilder scheme announced on June 4 was created to give the residential construction market a boost by providing grants for individuals or families looking to build and new home or conduct renovations.

Federal housing minister Michael Sukkar said on 2GB radio that over 200,000 people have visited the HomeBuilder website over the weekend. Google Trends reported an upsurge in searches for “home builder” and “renovations” since the announcement.

Sukkar said that the early high volume response is just the catalyst he wanted to see. The federal government has estimated the housing stimulus will cost around $680 million, however, figures may vary depending on how many people sign up.