Vote or Gays will Take Your Children. 2020 edition | Ukraine Today .org

Pro-Kremlin propaganda and homophobia go hand in hand ahead of the vote on constitutional amendments in Russia.

Two years ago, EUvsDisinfo wrote about a viral video in Russia that promoted participation in the 2018 presidential election by suggesting that unless people go and vote, forced homosexuality will become a norm in Russia.

Now, ahead of the constitutional referendum scheduled in Russia for July 1, the video has gotten a remake – to drum up voters’ support for the amendments to the Russian Constitution.

A video clip circulating on social media networks shows Russia in 2035, with a man arriving to an orphanage to adopt a boy. But the heart-warming story takes an unexpected twist when the new father introduces the boy to his mother – another man, wearing make-up. As the boy receives the first gift from his adoptive parents – a dress – a solemn voice asks the viewer, “Is this the Russia you choose? Decide the future of the country. Vote for the Constitutional Amendments.”