Riots, BLM: American Exceptionalism coming home

Riots, BLM: American Exceptionalism coming home

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Riots, BLM: American Exceptionalism coming home.

American people proud themselves on their successful independence war from British Empire. There is nothing exceptional about that. Most countries achieved their statehood from uprisals against their former colonnial overlords and they have done that thousand of years ago.

Americans proud themselves on their recent scientific achievements. However actual knowledge is cummulative, has very ancient roots and came from a variety of sources: The New World America has been known at least since the time of Leif Ericson. Astronomy originates from Middle East, mathematics, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, medicine from many sources of the Old World. USA has only a better publicity machinery and a determination to wipe out literatures and archaeological proving otherwise. This is called Cultural Appropriation.

USA joined the two World Wars near to their peaks and avoided heavy attritions by those wars. Late joining to the wars gave USA a chance to appear strong relative to other war-worn combatants. However this gave Americans their false sense of superiority over other races and nations.

This false sense of superiority created the idea of American Exceptionalism: USA has created her own veto power in the United Nation, refused to be under the jurisdiction of the International Courts of the UN. In other words USA thinks that only other nations and nationals should be subjected to its “justice”.

1/- This Exceptionalism has led USA to join England and her allies to create many disputable treaties and laws after the two World Wars. Disputable treaties caused at least the Second World War. Never expiring Copyrights for American Corporations are currently the root of much inequality in the World.

2/- USA stood on World stage of United Nation to call for human rights but USA has not rectified her own injustice against her own indigenous American Indians and her own black people. USA also supports the use of military weapons against civilians in the immoral Population Replacement of Palestine .

3/- USA used false flag operations to forment Revolutions in many weaker countries (Egypt, Iraq, Lybia,…) to install her own American friendly governments.

Now all three above types of actions are coming home to USA and manifested themselves in riots led by Black Lives Matter movement. Haven’t Americans learnt the quote “Don’t do to others what you don’t want to be done upon yourself” (Kỷ sở bất dục dật thi ư nhân-in Vietnamese)?

In Oriental teaching this is just another case of Karma in action.


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