Newsom blames family gatherings for spike in virus |

Los Angeles County Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer said that officials have not been able to “pinpoint whether or not the exact source of an exposure was a protest,” but then she also said the following:

“I do want to say that it’s highly likely, given the increased numbers that we’re seeing that some of this is in fact people who may have been in a crowded situation at one of the protests where there was spread,”

In San Francisco, officials said some testing sites that offer free testing are not asking people that are getting tested if they recently participated in any of the large gatherings taking place. It would seem to me that they are purposefully not allowing the gathering of any information that could prove the protests caused this current virus surge.

Newsom keeps threatening to rollback or “pause” the reopening process in California. A reopening process that is already painfully slow at the moment. It would at least make sense to try to make sure that people who attended these protests report they did so if they end up with the virus. Instead the state is trying to hide that information, then telling the Media the blatant lie that there is no discernible link between the virus and the protests. Trying to explain away their obvious hypocrisy of why they were putting people in jail for haircuts but not for burning down a business. Most sane people see through the lies.