COMMUNIST styled organized voting frauds “An Omen for November? New Jersey Councilmen Charged With Mail-in Vote Fraud|The New American “.

Comment by tonytran2015: This is only a practice run for COMMUNIST styled organized voting frauds. Once fraudsters have gained power by legal means they will make laws to make it impossible to vote them out.

Approximately one in five of all the votes in a Paterson, New Jersey,
spring election have been thrown out by a judge for being fraudulent.
Now four men — three of them Democrat councilmen — have been charged
with at least four counts of election fraud in connection with the incident.

… The May 12 election in Paterson came under strong suspicion of fraud
when the U.S. Post Office found several hundred ballots in one mailbox.
The discovery set off an investigation by the attorney general’s Office of Public Integrity and Accountability, which found many additional incidents of ballot theft and ballots fraudulently filled out. More than 3,000 votes in the election were ultimately disqualified as fraudulent.

Councilmen Michael Jackson and Shahin Khalique, along with Councilman-Elect Alex Mendez, have all been charged with the following:
fraud in casting mail-in vote in the third degree; unauthorized possession of ballots in the third degree; tampering with public records in the third degree, and falsifying or tampering with records in the fourth degree. Mendez faces additional charges of second-degree election fraud and third-degree false registration or transfer. A fourth accomplice, 20-year-old Abu Razyen, is charged with fraud in casting
mail-in vote and unauthorized possession of ballots in the third degree.