What’s REALLY wrong with ‘Merica-and it ‘aint’ us folks – Trump:The American Years


1.the media lies. PERIOD .End of story. Turn off the news.Fortunately there’s open source news like BCP*,Dan Bongino,Mark Levin,Rush Limbaugh and others [of your choice].You can get the skinny without listening to the liars.
Some of the best news sources are listed right here. The Epoch Times,Conservative Tree House,Wayne Dupree,Ace News Services.

2. Grown people are having temper tantrums. Trump must step down or else.Tell them, go hold your breathe and hope mommy brings your bottle…

3. Stupid is winning-for the moment.
Can we do something about our education system in the near future and turn out some people who can think?
4. Biden’s in the basement. He has dementia. FACT. i can prove it. Don’t tempt me.
Stand up for yourself. Their tool is intimidation. Don’t let them….