Opinion: No alternative facts about Ukraine’s Holodomor | Edmonton Journal


In this era of fake news and alternative facts, we must avoid misinformation drawn from the propagandistic backwaters of the internet. Those interested in learning more about the Soviet regime and the Holodomor should, instead, consider well-researched and scholarly sources, such as the following: Labour and the Gulag: Russia and the Seduction of the British Left, 2017; Red Famine: Stalin’s War on Ukraine, 2017; Bloodlands, Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, 2010; The Holodomor Reader: A Sourcebook on the Famine of 1932-1933, 2012; and finally, The Famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine: An Anatomy of the Holodomor, 2018.

The latter two are available through the University of Alberta Press. An easily accessible source is the website of the Holodomor Research and Educational Consortium, www.holodomor.ca

How fake news helped hide Soviet genocide in Ukraine | Ukraine Today .org


Stalin’s man-made famine in 1930s Soviet Ukraine ranks as one of the worst crimes of the totalitarian twentieth century. Millions died in the famine, which was orchestrated by Moscow in order to crush Ukraine’s independence movement and break rural resistance to the collectivization of agriculture in what was then the breadbasket of the Soviet Union. The scale of the atrocity is hard to fathom, with many of Eastern Europe’s most fertile regions transformed into apocalyptic wastelands and countless villages depopulated. However, unlike the far more notorious horrors of the Nazi regime, Stalin’s greatest crime remains relatively unknown.

New flu strain found in China, has potential to become pandemic | Ukraine Today .org


British scientists have identified a new strain of flu in China that has the potential to become a pandemic, BBC reports.

It is carried by pigs, but it is capable of infecting humans. That is why the researchers are concerned that the world may face another global outbreak if it does not react to the potential threat.

The new strain of the virus that has been identified in China – G4 EA H1N1 – is similar to 2009 swine flu (A/H1N1pdm09), but with some new changes.

THE MEDIA MONOPOLY: Ron Paul – The Media Is Lying About The “Second Wave” | RIELPOLITIK


Ron Paul – The Media Is Lying About The “Second Wave”

For months, the Washington Post and the rest of the mainstream media kept a morbid Covid-19 “death count” on their front pages and at the top of their news broadcasts. The coronavirus outbreak was all about the number of dead.

(Also Read: Houston Hospital Boss Shatters Media’s COVID Fearmongering: “Only About 3 Or 4 More People In ICU” @ https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/houston-hospital-boss-shatters-medias-covid-fearmongering-only-about-3-or-4-more-people-icu)

The narrative was intended to boost governors like Cuomo in New York
and Whitmer in Michigan, who turned their states authoritarian under the
false notion that destroying people’s jobs, freedom, and lives would somehow keep a virus from doing what viruses always do: spread through a population until eventually losing strength and dying out.

The “death count” was always the headline.

But then all of a sudden early in June the mainstream media did a George Orwell and lectured us that it is all about “cases” and has always been all about “cases.” Death, and especially infection fatality rate, were irrelevant. Why? Because from the peak in April,
deaths had decreased by 90 percent and were continuing to crash. That was not terrifying enough so the media pretended this good news did not exist.

With massive increases in testing, the “case” numbers
climbed. This is not rocket science: the more people you test the more
“cases” you discover.

What’s REALLY wrong with ‘Merica-and it ‘aint’ us folks – Trump:The American Years


1.the media lies. PERIOD .End of story. Turn off the news.Fortunately there’s open source news like BCP*,Dan Bongino,Mark Levin,Rush Limbaugh and others [of your choice].You can get the skinny without listening to the liars.
Some of the best news sources are listed right here. The Epoch Times,Conservative Tree House,Wayne Dupree,Ace News Services.

2. Grown people are having temper tantrums. Trump must step down or else.Tell them, go hold your breathe and hope mommy brings your bottle…

3. Stupid is winning-for the moment.
Can we do something about our education system in the near future and turn out some people who can think?
4. Biden’s in the basement. He has dementia. FACT. i can prove it. Don’t tempt me.
Stand up for yourself. Their tool is intimidation. Don’t let them….

Dutch Law Proposes a Wholesale Jettisoning of Human Rights Considerations in Copyright Enforcement – Rigged Game


The Dutch Parliament has landed in an untenable legislative cul-de-sac with its version of the Copyright Directive.

By Cory Doctorov and cross-posted from Electronic Frontier Foundation.

With the passage of last year’s Copyright Directive, the EU demanded that member states pass laws that reduce copyright infringement by internet users while also requiring that they safeguard the fundamental rights of users (such as the right to free expression) and also the limitations to copyright. These safeguards must include protections for the new EU-wide exemption for commentary and criticism. Meanwhile states are also required to uphold the GDPR, which safeguards users against mass, indiscriminate surveillance, while somehow monitoring everything every user posts to decide whether it infringes copyright.

Serving these goals means that when EU member states … will have to decide to give more weight to some parts of the Directive, and that courts would have to figure out…

… First came France’s disastrous proposal, which “balanced” … by simply ignoring those public rights.

Now, the Dutch Parliament has landed…, proposing a Made-in-Holland version of the Copyright Directive that omits:

  • Legally sufficient protections for users unjustly censored due to false accusations of copyright infringement;
  • Legally sufficient protection for users whose work makes use of the mandatory, statutory exemptions for parody and criticism;
  • A ban on “general monitoring”— that is, continuous, mass surveillance;
  • Legally sufficient protection for “legitimate uses” of copyright works.

Secretary Wilbur Ross Begins Revocation of Hong Kong Special Trade Status… | The Last Refuge


In a statement earlier today, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has announced the U.S. is revoking the special trade status of Hong Kong in response to escalating encroachment by China in violation of the prior agreement for autonomy.

It is a challenging status to modify because the administration does not want to reduce the ability of Hong Kong to operate as an autonomous economic region. However, at the same time Beijing is taking control of all systems within Hong Kong and as such policies must be adjusted. It would be an exercise in futility to expect China to retreat.

America’s Revolutionary Founders Would Be Anti-Government Extremists Today – Counter Information


By John W. Whitehead

“It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government.”—Thomas Paine

“When the government violates the people’s rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensable of duties.”—Marquis De Lafayette

June 29, 2020 “Information Clearing House” – Had the Declaration of Independence been written today, it would have rendered its signers extremists or terrorists, resulting in them being placed on a government watch list, targeted for surveillance of their activities and correspondence, and potentially arrested, held indefinitely, stripped of their rights and labeled enemy combatants.

This is no longer the stuff of speculation and warning.

In fact, Attorney General William Barr recently announced plans to target, track and surveil “anti-government extremists” and preemptively nip in the bud any “threats” to public safety and the rule of law.

It doesn’t matter that the stated purpose of Barr’s anti-government extremist task force is to investigate dissidents on the far right (the “boogaloo” movement) and far left (antifa, a loosely organized anti-fascist group) who have been accused of instigating violence and disrupting peaceful protests.

… Without a doubt, America’s revolutionary founders would have been at the top of Barr’s list.

After all, the people who fomented the American Revolution spoke out at rallies, distributed critical pamphlets, wrote scathing editorials and took to the streets in protest. They were rebelling against a government they saw as being excessive in its taxation and spending. For their efforts, they were demonized and painted as an angry mob, extremists akin to terrorists, by the ruler of the day, King George III.

Of course, it doesn’t take much to be considered an anti-government extremist (a.k.a. domestic terrorist) today.

The Fall of Eliot Engel: Israel-Firster Defeated in Congressional Primary – Counter Information


…the Times felt compelled to describe the apparently impending lopsided loss as if it were something less than that, as a “stiff challenge” for Engel.

The media deference to Engel derives from the fact that he is a protected species, possibly the leading Israel-firster in Congress. In 2003, Engel supported the invasion of Iraq and in the following year he organized a group of fellow congressmen to demand cuts in the U.S. contribution to the United Nations office that assists Palestinian refugees. He attended the infamous Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address to Congress in 2015 that many other Democratic lawmakers boycotted due to the insult to President Obama and afterwards called Netanyahu’s speech “compelling.”

Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Andrew Cuomo and Nancy Pelosi all had endorsed Engel, who has been in Congress for going on 32 years and currently heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Iran Issues Arrest Warrant Against Trump Over Soleimani’s Killing, Asks Interpol for Assistance – Counter Information


By Sputnik News

June 29, 2020 “Information Clearing House” – Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Revolutionary Guards’ elite Quds Force and one of the most respected figures in Iran, was killed in a US drone strike in January during a goodwill visit to Iraq.

Authorities in Iran have approved a measure to ask Interpol to put US President Donald Trump on its international Red Notice of wanted persons over the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, Iranian media including Mehr News and the Fars News Agency have reported, citing judicial officials.

“It was possible to identify 36 persons who participated in preparations for and were involved in the assassination of Qasem Soleimani, among them political and military figures from the United States and other countries,” Ali Alqasi-Mehr, Tehran’s prosecutor-general, said in a statement on Monday. “At the top of the list is US president Donald Trump,” he added.