How To Avoid A Half-Baked Idea – by Lucy V. Hays… | Die Erste Eslarner Zeitung – Aus und über Eslarn, sowie die bayerisch-tschechische Region!

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on Writers Helping Writers:

Half-baked ideas are everywhere in the spec pile. But what does ‘half-baked’ mean? After all, whether a script reader, agent’s assistant or intern LIKES the idea behind a story is another matter. Let’s look to the dictionary to agree on a definition …


Adjective. Not fully thought through; lacking a sound basis.

“a half-baked conspiracy theory”

Synonyms: undeveloped, unformed, not fully developed.

So, we agree we are not talking about personal preference. Instead, when we say a story has a ‘half-baked’ idea, we mean it is ‘not fully thought through.’ Like a cake recipe, something got missed out … It’s lacking, not quite whole.

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