Al Franken Is A … – American Revolt

…Democracy?? Last I checked, the Democratic Party rigged the 2016 Presidential primary and a DNC lawyer, while falling short of admitting this occurred, did openly argued in Court that the DNC would have had the legal right to do exactly that.DNC lawyerA select few Democratic insiders also admitted that the 2016 primary was rigged, including Senator Elizabeth Warren and former-DNC Chair Donna Brazile.

The Democrats also rigged the 2018 primary, as exposed by The Intercept.

And of course, the Democrats rigged the 2020 Presidental primary, as proven by the exit poll discrepancies that clearly indicate severe election fraud:

The Republican Party is absolutely engaged in voter suppression tactics, that much is true. But for Al Franken to act like the Democratic Party isn’t guilty of the exact same tactics is stunning, but not surprising. Whether holding closed primaries (preventing Independents from voting) or outright purging voters from the rolls, Democrats have been engaging in voter suppression for years, if not decades.

Again, there are many examples of this. But the most egregious and indisputable example was when the New York City Board of Elections de-registered 200,000 voters from the rolls in 2016. Sanders and Clinton had been in an extremely competitive primary until New York delivered a death blow to the Sanders campaign. It was all downhill after that. 117,000 of those purged voters were from Brooklyn alone, where Bernie Sanders was born and raised, and was expected to have a very strong voter turnout after having just held an incredible rally of 30,000 in Brooklyn:The reason this example of election fraud is so indisputable is because the NYC Board of Elections admitted that they did this and admitted that they had done so illegally.

If it had been due to a computer error or otherwise an accident it wouldn’t have been deemed illegal and instead merely the result of incompetence. This was not the case, which is why it constituted textbook election fraud. They intentionally purged nearly a quarter of a million voters to help Hillary secure the nomination and confessed to doing it. Nothing happened. There was no trial, no penalty. The NYC Board of Elections didn’t even fire any of their members