…From China. Full of seeds:

Mysterious seed packets from China sent to dozens of people in 3 states, officials say

Virginia residents should report any unsolicited packages from China that contain seeds. Here’s why.

Hundreds of British gardeners ‘receive unsolicited deliveries of garden seeds sent from China marked as ear studs’

Mysterious seeds sent from China to Utah

There’s a common pattern to all this, whether we’re dealing with Chinese seeds in Utah, Virginia, or the U.K: (1) The seeds arrive in packages in the mail, labeled as something else; (2) no one actually receiving the seeds ordered them; they simply arrive; and most notably, (3) authorities are warning people not to plant the seeds, nor even throw them away, but to report them to
government agencies. The reason given for this measure is that the seeds
are suspected to be those of “invasive” plants perhaps designed to cause problems for American and British agriculture and food production. It’s not a far-fetched idea. After all these are Communists we’re
dealing with, and if they’re willing to smuggle automatic weapons parts (and possibly much more serious things), counterfeit money (don’t forget those counterfeit $1 bills), and lie about the corona virus outbreak,
say that the 3 Gorges Dam satellite pictures showing distortion was merely a “processing artifact” and then just recently admit it’s
leaking, and distorting “within normal parameters”, then they’ll certainly be capable of mailing out destructive seeds in the hopes that someone will plant them.

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