“State is a machine ready to crush anyone”: Ukrainian released from Belarus jail describes detention cruelties | Ukraine Today .org


Editor’s Note“Police across the whole country operate according to one approved technique — one needs to show maximum inhumanity. To show that the state is a machine that will crush anyone who tries to talk about the injustice of what is happening… Many of them, these 20-year-old boys, get great pleasure from the process.”

A just-released Ukrainian human rights activist tells about what he saw in Belarusian jail.Kostyantyn Reutskyi and Yevhen Vasiliev are two Ukrainian human rights activists who went to Minsk to cover the government crackdown on protesters. There, thousands took to the streets in the wake of falsified election results that gave the country’s dictator Lukashenka an implausible victory in the election of 9 August 2020.