Why I Am No Longer a Social Worker – Nwo Report


…For weeks afterward I found myself fighting off fears of being reported
to the licensing board for not agreeing with her and realized, finally, that the whole profession had become a political platform. Therapy had become a form of indoctrination and if you weren’t goose-stepping with
whatever was trending, you were truly risking everything.

The bottom line: in the modern social-work paradigm, there is nothing to believe in or hold onto besides your Self, there are no prohibitions and no judgments besides those unfairly imposed upon you by white males the world over. There is also no real experience, no real love and finally, no real other.

And there we are… alone, on the emotional dole, unsure of who we are, broken, and without hope.

It’s a far cry from the birth of social work. And if that’s all my profession offers, I’m signing off.