Our enemies have accused us of what they themselves were doing – J. Goebbels

Our enemies have accused us of what they themselves were doing – J. Goebbels

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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“Accuse your enemy of what you are doing” has been wrongly attributed to Dr Joseph Goebbels (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Goebbels) and so far no solid proof has been offered to support such attribution.

There has been nothing resembling the quote in either German or English (https://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/37824/did-joseph-goebbels-say-accuse-the-other-side-of-that-which-you-are-guilty, accessed 2020 Aug 22),(Der Kongress zur Nürnberg 1934 (Munich: Zentralverlag der NSDAP., Frz. Eher Nachf., 1934), pp. 130-141.), (https://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/goeb59.htm).

The closest quote found is one from the Nurenberg rally in 1934 (http://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/goeb59.htm):

The cleverest trick used in propaganda against Germany during the
war was to accuse Germany of what our enemies themselves were doing.

Misattribution may had been deliberate during WW2 to undermine his standing. The quote misattributed to Goebbels would contradict with his professed “love for truth” which can be found in one of the weekly Nazis publication 1940:

The truth is always stronger than the lie. Picture was published by https://www.bytwerk.com/gpa/falsenaziquotations.htm

So the quote is certainly not from Goebbels.

Before Goebbels’ time there were Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and after his time there was Saul Alinsky (http://www.openculture.com/2017/02/13-rules-for-radicals.html, http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2302478/posts). The quote has also been attributed to them but there is again no solid proof provided.

So Goebbels should be accurately attributed with his proper quote taken in context of the Nuremberg rally:

Our enemies have accused us of what they themselves were doing.


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