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Cashill similarly gives attention to the explicit allegations made by Larry Sinclair in 2008 of a two-day sex-and-drug fueled homosexual romp that Sinclair alleged occurred between himself and then-state Sen. Barack Obama in 1999. (Sinclair even told his story at the National Press Club in 2008, available here.)

Cashill’s dissection of the “evolving” – one might say hypocritical – stances of the Democratic Party during the Obama years on a range of
issues on which they’d previously stood largely with Republicans, is often humorous. One example he cites is the transformation of illegal aliens from, well, illegal aliens, into “undocumented immigrants.”
Despite the potential offense to American blacks, the Democratic Party had no qualms about equating the “rights” of illegal aliens with those of African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. They saw an
opportunity to garner new voters, while assuming that blacks would always be a reliable Democratic voting bloc and never object to the
appropriation of their legitimate historical grievances. …

“Unmasking Obama: The Fight to Tell the True Story of a Failed Presidency” was released on Aug. 18…