‘We Don’t Turn to Government,’ Trump Says: ‘We Put Our Faith in Almighty God’ – Nwo Report


Source: Michael Foust | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor

Labeling this year’s presidential race the “most important election” in the nation’s history, President Trump accepted the Republican Party’s nomination Thursday and warned about a “socialist agenda” he said would be implemented if Democrat Joe Biden wins in November.

Trump spoke for more than an hour to a large, boisterous crowd on the White House lawn, drawing a distinction between the visions and agendas of the two parties. Democrats, he said, “do not see America as the most free, just and exceptional nation on earth.”

“Instead, they see a wicked nation that must be punished for its sins. Our opponents say that redemption for you can only come from giving power to them,” Trump said. “This is a tired anthem spoken by every repressive movement throughout history. But in this country, we don’t look to career politicians for salvation. In America, we don’t turn to government to restore our souls. We put our faith in almighty God.”

Biden, he said, is a “Trojan horse for socialism” who has joined forces with Bernie Sanders on multiple issues, including on immigration and public safety.