REALPOLITIK: Putin Gives Bill Gates The Middle Finger | RIELPOLITIK

Comment by tonytran2015: Remember the ultimate irony ? (9 June 1967: After midnight: Soviet guided missile destroyer sends flashing-light message in English: “Do you need help?” Liberty responds: “No thank you.” Soviets answer: “I will stand by in case you need me.”- Remembering the Attack on USS LIBERTY – Station HYPO,


Now, this is a country which can’t be bought. Putin certainly doesn’t need any money from the elites. Money isn’t what drives him. Power and a vision do. Ironically, that is what we need right now. An ideology. One that is sufficiently in alignment with our own capitalistic, which is to say freedom-loving ideals. Using Putin and freedom loving in the same sentence is not something you’re likely to find often but the old saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” holds true. Everything is relative.

If Putin waited till Billy boy came out with a vaccine, he would have been on a back foot, forced to say, “Nyet, we’ll pass. Thanks!” Far more powerful to say, “Oh you have one too, that’s cute. You want us to take yours? How kind but we don’t need it. We have our own, remember?”

So this is why Russia has a vaccine… to counter this globalist threat. The next step was to rapidly begin forming this new alliance of interested parties. Remember the countries I mentioned that don’t benefit from the UN Agenda 20-30 initiative?

So who has signed up for testing Russia’s vaccine so far?

Why, I’m glad you ask. The Philippines, Saudi Arabia, The UAE and, wait for it, Brazil. All resource rich countries, who most definitely don’t benefit from Gates’ vision of a new world. Imagine that.

We’ve been promising you for at least 2 years now. The world is going to go through an incredibly volatile period where the geopolitical world we’ve enjoyed since World War 2 fractures, breaks, and is reconfigured. We are seeing the forming of these new alliances right now.

Buckle up, this is not going to be smooth sailing.