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Particularly when you are an idiot. The MSM has been saying this man was holding a cell phone and was attack by a right wing hater. However, their lies are exposed as a complete and utter lie. How can anyone trust a single word the Propaganda arm of the Democrat party says. Every time they open their mouths, lies spew forth. Even when the truth is right in front of them. The next post shows what kind of stupid prizes are awarded for playing such stupid games.

What do you see in his left hand? Is that a phone? I don’t think so.

Google And YouTube Censored Ad Promoting Christianity In America | PA Pundits – International

By Corinne Weaver ~

It seems ads promoting religion in America are just too “sensitive” for Google and YouTube to handle.

A trailer for the upcoming documentary “America! America! God Shed His Grace on Thee!” was removed several times from Google and YouTube advertising. Centennial Institute, a part of Colorado Christian University (CCU), had bought ad space for the video and worked with Google to ensure that there was nothing wrong with the ad. However, the powers that be at Google and YouTube decided that the ad contained “sensitive events” and took it down. The ad was later restored.

Violent riots erupt in Malmo, Sweden after Koran-torching stunt, police say they have ‘no control’ over situation (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) — RT World News

Comment by tonytran2015: “Birds of the same feather flog together” (Western quote of wisdom), “Deers stay with deers horses with horses” (Eastern wisdom), the biblical story of the Babel Tower, the age old formation of mono-lingual nations are all for avoiding the fearsome splintering of any community. The woke culture has ignored all those wisdoms at their own peril.

A wave of chaotic unrest broke out in Malmo, Sweden after anti-Islam activists filmed a public Koran burning, sparking protests that soon descended into riots, with unruly demonstrators setting fires and clashing with police.

Some 300 people gathered along a main thoroughfare in Malmo on Friday around 7:30pm local time to protest after members of a far-right political party staged a Koran burning earlier in the day, according to local press reports. As the crowd grew, fires were ignited in the street and several cars torched, prompting a heavy police response that struggled to bring the situation under control.

“We have ongoing and violent riots right now that we have no control over,” police spokesman Rickard Lundqvist told a local news outlet amid the disorder.

Clashes erupted between protesters and law enforcement in Malmo’s Rosengard district, seeing stones, paving bricks and fireworks hurled at officers and emergency response vehicles.

Chants of “Allahu akbar” (“God is great” in Arabic) could be heard in footage that circulated online, which also showed tires and other debris burned in the street and a billowing column of black smoke rising into the night sky. A major fire was also reported in an underground parking garage in Rosengard, about 1km away from the main area of unrest.

The Koran burning which set off the riots was carried out by members of Stram Kurs (“Hard Line”), a far-right Danish political party founded by lawyer and anti-Islam activist Rasmus Paludan in 2017. The activists filmed the burning of the holy book, which was done in a public park.

Elsewhere in Malmo, three Stram Kurs members were reportedly arrested for incitement against an ethnic group after torching another Koran in public.

Paludan was barred entry into Sweden earlier on Friday, turned away at a border checkpoint near Malmo and slapped with a two-year ban from the country over concerns that he could “disturb public order,” a police spokesperson told Danish broadcaster DR. The right-wing activist had previously requested a permit to hold a demonstration in Malmo, where he was set to attend a Koran burning with street artist Dan Park, which was promptly rejected by Swedish authorities. A court argued that while “the freedom of assembly and demonstration are constitutionally protected rights,” the government may prohibit a gathering “for reasons of order and safety.”

How microwave oven is made – manufacture, making, used, parts, components, structure, product, Design

Comment by tonytran2015: Some basic knowledge is required for modern living.

…The microwaves are funneled through a metal
waveguide and into a stirrer fan, also positioned near the top of the cavity. The fan distributes the microwaves evenly within the oven.
Manufacturers vary the means by which they disburse microwaves to achieve uniform cooking patterns: some use dual stirrer fans located on opposite walls to direct microwaves to the cavity, while others use entry ports at the bottom of the cavity, allowing microwaves to enter from both the top
and bottom. In addition, many ovens rotate food on a turntable…

Putin forgives Lukashenko’s $1 billion debt | Ukraine Today .org

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has reached an agreement with Vladimir Putin to refinance Minsk’s 1 billion dollars debt owed to Russia.

“We have agreed with the President of Russia, and today our Prime Minister will hold talks with Mikhail Mishustin about refinancing,” said Lukashenko at a meeting on the development of the essential organizations of the Ministry of Industry.

“That is, we will keep this billion dollars loan, as agreed with Russia, we will keep it,” he explained, adding that it “will be a good reinforcement for our national currency.”…

Hedge Funds Start Piling Into “The Big Short 3.0”

Hedge Funds Start Piling Into “The Big Short 3.0” Tyler Durden Fri, 08/28/2020 – 11:56 Back in June we said that as we had reported previously, with commercial real estate failing to benefit from the record rebound in overall risk since the March lows as a result of a tidal wave of retail bankruptcies, CMBX…

The Bloom is Off The Ruse – Tom Donohue and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Announce Support for Far-Left Democrats in 2020… | The Last Refuge

I have written hundreds of articles over the years outlining “there are trillions at stake” and the elements of importance behind that statement. Every single mainstream conservative voice has denied the truth; and likely most of them are probably on the CoC payroll.

Every former administration took massive payments from the CoC and allowed the Chamber to write trade agreements language for decades. The CoC business model was to take payments from Wall Street multinationals and then write the agreements to their benefit. Politicians were paid to keep quiet and support the CoC. The chamber is the largest lobby organization in DC. The chamber spends more money on influence than any other lobbying group by a massive amount. The CoC is at the heart of DC corruption.

President Trump knew about the CoC business model; that’s why he never allowed them a seat at the ‘America First’ table. That was the original source of our support for candidate Donald Trump. And now, after a decade of our trying to highlight the CoC scheme and the reason for it; yesterday, the U.S. Chamber dropped their pretense and admitted they were now supporting democrats because the CoC effort can only succeed by destroying Main St.

Top Beijing Official Warns: Chinese Consumers Will ‘Abandon’ iPhones If US Bans WeChat

President Trump’s executive order banning WeChat in the coming weeks would not just stoke further tensions between both superpowers, but also could lead to a massive hit for the world’s most valuable company, Apple.

Lijan said, “many Chinese people are saying they may stop using iPhones if WeChat is banned in the U.S.” He accused Washington of “systematic economic bullying of non-US companies” by targeting the popular messaging app.

KOMMONSENTSJANE – REMINDER: Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, The Clintons, Nancy Pelosi and George Soros All Have Connections to the Ukraine — The Gateway Pundit | kommonsentsjane

What are the odds that Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mitt Romney, the Clintons, Speaker Pelosi and George Soros all have connections to the Ukraine? Hmmmm

Joe Biden and his son Hunter

If you don’t know that Joe Biden’s son Hunter was the Board member of Burisma, the Ukrainian Oil and Gas firm, then you are living under a rock. This is the same company Joe Biden bragged about removing a prosecutor who was looking into the Bidens’ and George Soros in the Ukraine:

John Kerry

We posted a 32 tweet thread that was an articulate and devastating summary of Obama’s Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Kerry’s corrupt actions in the Ukraine –

In summary –

  • In early 2014 John Kerry visited the Ukraine and offered $1 billion in ‘aid’ shortly after protesters took over the government causing the President…

Waking the Sleeping Giant – Nwo Report

The “woke” forces of Antifa and Black Lives Matter — mostly overindulged, pampered, underparented, overeducated and spoiled children — are on the verge of a rude awakening. They are on the verge of waking the sleeping giant, which is to say most of the law-abiding, hard-working and family-focused people of this country.

There have been several reports recently of clashes in the streets; not between Antifa and the Proud Boys, police or other demonstrators, but between Antifa and regular people in their own neighborhoods. We’ve seen Antifa, emboldened by the almost nonexistent response by the neutered Democrat politicians who run their cities and states, attempt to export their nonsense out to the suburbs and other non-urban locales… and the response has been glorious!