Watch Live: Former FBI Director James Comey Testifies Before Congress

…Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has vowed to get to the bottom of inaccuracies and omissions used to obtain warrants to spy on the Trump campaign during the 2016 US election – as well as the the agency’s reliance on the debunked Steele dossier when the FBI knew it was dubious….

Joe Biden Gave 1.5% of Income to Charity in 2019; Trump Gave Entire Salary to Government

…The Bidens’ adjusted gross income was $985,233 in 2019. They gave $14,700 to charity.

… President Trump has donated his entire salary to the U.S. since taking office. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Breitbart News that Trump has given $1.4 million in salary to the federal government….

“Everyone Dies”: Elon Musk Says He Won’t Get COVID Vaccine, Calls Bill Gates A “Knucklehead”

… Musk said: “This is a no-win situation. It has diminished my faith in humanity, this whole thing… The irrationality of people in general.” 

He also spoke out against the global lockdowns (again), calling them a mistake and saying only the vulnerable should be in quarantine until after the virus passes. Musk had previously called the lockdowns “unethical” and “de facto house arrest”. 

… Speaking about Bill Gates, Musk said: “Gates said something about me not knowing what I was doing. It’s like, hey, knucklehead, we actually make the vaccine machines for CureVac, that company you’re invested in.”…

Ruby Princess passengers infected others with COVID-19 on Qantas flight, research suggests

Comment by tonytan2015: Governments in Australia saw it fit to lock down all citizens but are still worshipping their so called inviolable “privacy” of the possible human sources of infection even in their own created pandemic ! Where are their priorities?

  • A study shows several people on a Qantas flight with Ruby Princess passengers developed COVID-19
  • Qantas is using the study to ramp up demands for sharing of passenger manifests
  • The airline says if it was aware of the risk, Ruby Princess passengers would not have been allowed on board

The findings, based on genomic sequencing by West Australian researchers, has prompted Qantas to step up its demands for a consistent national protocol for sharing of passenger manifests…

As previously reported by the ABC, Qantas and Virgin Airlines were repeatedly denied access to the Ruby Princess passenger manifest, told by Border Force and health authorities that such information could not be released for privacy reasons.

Qantas said it did not become aware cruise ship passengers were on QF577 until two days after the flight…

‘LOL’: Zoo moves parrots from display section to isolation after they start swearing at visitors

The zoo now plans to release the five birds into five different sections, so they can’t learn from each other….

Coronavirus fragments found in wastewater at Anglesea prompt COVID-19 testing blitz

Comment by tonytran2015: Can they ever eliminate the virus of Covid-19 ?

  • The fragments were collected from a sample taken on September 22
  • They indicate a person who had the virus or is not yet aware they have the virus was in the area
  • A testing centre has been set up at Anglesea Town Hall on McMillan Street

Authorities detected the fragments in a sample of wastewater collected from the popular tourist town on September 22, with confirmation of the positive test results arriving on Tuesday…

Victorian coronavirus fines not being reviewed properly, Melbourne community legal centres say

Comment by tonytran2015: Victoria Covid-19 Hidden Agenda ( Covid-19 in Victoria is a SPECTACULAR and deadly failure of a non-transparent government previously involved in a Red Shirt Scandal. (

  • Between March and June police handed out more than 6,000 fines
  • Community legal centres say some people who were fined hadn’t done the wrong thing

Fines of up to $4,957 apply for unlawful gatherings, as well as COVID-positive people or close contacts who fail to self-isolate.

Ariel Couchman, chief executive of free legal service Youthlaw, said the “huge” fines issued to her 26 clients were “crippling”.

  • A 16-year-old refugee who was walking with a friend in the early morning when he was approached by a stranger asking for directions. Police fined the boy and his friend $1,652 each for breaking restrictions on gatherings
  • A young man with mental health issues, including schizophrenia, whose finances are managed by state trustees, was fined for being outside his house while riding a bike
  • A young woman with a developmental delay was fined for shopping more than 5 kilometres from her home, despite the fact that the shopping centre was the closest to her home. She said police did not attempt to find out why she was there

Libertarian Voters Flock To Trump After Learning He Avoided Paying Taxes

From the Babylon Bee:

U.S.—Trump is polling high among an unexpected group: libertarians, who were energized and drawn to Trump’s cause after the New York Times revealed that he paid as little as $750 in federal taxes some years.“Only paying a few hundred in federal theft? This guy is my hero!” said libertarian man Murray Mickelson of New Hampshire. “If only all of us could be that smart with our taxes.”

“The less theft, the better!”

Libertarians across the country paid tribute to Trump’s accomplishment by firing their AR-15s into the air and doing hard drugs, though this is what they were already planning on doing anyway.

Jo Jorgenson’s poll numbers have plummeted as a result of the revelation, with both of her supporters saying they’re switching to Trump.


… Look, ‘BO’ did nothing on Ebola and H1N1, he weakened the United States standing around the world, started wars all over the middle east and continued to sell our prosperity out to China.  President Trump is making peace all over the world, with no new wars, ending old ones, parity in trade deals and strengthening our standing around the world.  And Covid-19?  There was his immediate and decisive action to close travel from China, the greatest mobilization of private companies since WWII to replenish the PPE and ventilator supplies depleted by ‘BO’, fast-tracking treatments and vaccine and calling out the irresponsible and criminal actions of leftist governors.

… As I mentioned President Trump was just nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize a THIRD TIME, this time for using a new strategy that withdraws the U.S. from endless wars and conflicts while utilizing trade and economics to find common ground with potential allies.  Remind me, what was it ‘BO’ did to be awarded his Nobel prize?

Oh that’s right, ‘BO’ got the Nobel Peace Prize for being black and for being the first black man ever to win the American presidency. If anyone needed any more proof that the Nobel Prize is completely political, giving it to ‘BO’ for no apparent reason provided it. The first ‘Affirmative Action’ hire for the presidency was a huge mistake.  It was eight years of horrendous policies, economic stagnation, massive borrowing and more spending. The most wealthy among us, became even more wealthy while the income of everyone else simply stayed the same or declined.  Massive unemployment, social unrest and endless wars.  It was the wasted decade of the Democrats…

“That’s Very Insulting To Me” – Trump Confronted Xi On Trade, Subsidies After Beijing Rejected US Aid

… President Trump made an interesting admission Tuesday morning when he said that Bob Woodward’s book was “fine”. Around the same time, the South China Morning Post publishedyet another excerpt from Woodward’s book, Rage, purporting to detail two “historic” phone calls between Trump and President Xi.

During the calls, President Trump reportedly offered to help President Xi “100%” with whatever aid China required. But President Xi side-stepped the request, saying he was “personally overseeing” China’s response (in fact, Xi appointed his No. 2 man, Premier Li Keqiang, to oversee the situation in January), and asked Trump to simply support a WHO mission to China, which the US did, before later cutting funding to the arm of the UN.

The information backs up Trump’s claims, made in tweets and press conferences, that the US offered unequivocal assistance to China, which had been rebuffed despite the obvious need in Wuhan, a city whose citizens endured more than 70 days of lockdown.

Xi thanked Trump but sidestepped the request. He said he was “personally overseeing” the country’s efforts to combat of the virus and suggested the US take part in a mission by the World Health Organisation to China.

Trump said help from the US would arrive if Xi asked for it.

During the following weeks, the relationship between the two leaders deteriorated rapidly, as China dispatched its “wolf warrior” diplomats to help spread underhanded lies about the virus originating in the US…