Mueller Team Corruption Contaminates Justice, by Chris Farrell

… Are we truly supposed to believe that all of these phones just happened to erase themselves? You will remember that these very same attorneys and investigators sought to imprison George Papadopoulos for 20 years simply for switching cell phones and deactivating his Facebook account. The government argued that Papadopoulos knowingly committed obstruction per 18 US Code section 1519, with the intent of impeding or otherwise influencing a federal investigation. One set of rules for ordinary citizens — another set of rules for the Titans of the Justice Department. This is yet another reason why people loathe attorneys and government bureaucrats.

More than 37 years of investigative experience has taught me that there is no such thing as a coincidence. The size and scope of the “accidental” phone erasures within the Mueller team office is incredible and outrageous. What were these people hiding? […]

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