“That’s Very Insulting To Me” – Trump Confronted Xi On Trade, Subsidies After Beijing Rejected US Aid


… President Trump made an interesting admission Tuesday morning when he said that Bob Woodward’s book was “fine”. Around the same time, the South China Morning Post publishedyet another excerpt from Woodward’s book, Rage, purporting to detail two “historic” phone calls between Trump and President Xi.

During the calls, President Trump reportedly offered to help President Xi “100%” with whatever aid China required. But President Xi side-stepped the request, saying he was “personally overseeing” China’s response (in fact, Xi appointed his No. 2 man, Premier Li Keqiang, to oversee the situation in January), and asked Trump to simply support a WHO mission to China, which the US did, before later cutting funding to the arm of the UN.

The information backs up Trump’s claims, made in tweets and press conferences, that the US offered unequivocal assistance to China, which had been rebuffed despite the obvious need in Wuhan, a city whose citizens endured more than 70 days of lockdown.

Xi thanked Trump but sidestepped the request. He said he was “personally overseeing” the country’s efforts to combat of the virus and suggested the US take part in a mission by the World Health Organisation to China.

Trump said help from the US would arrive if Xi asked for it.

During the following weeks, the relationship between the two leaders deteriorated rapidly, as China dispatched its “wolf warrior” diplomats to help spread underhanded lies about the virus originating in the US…