Victorian coronavirus fines not being reviewed properly, Melbourne community legal centres say

Comment by tonytran2015: Victoria Covid-19 Hidden Agenda ( Covid-19 in Victoria is a SPECTACULAR and deadly failure of a non-transparent government previously involved in a Red Shirt Scandal. (

  • Between March and June police handed out more than 6,000 fines
  • Community legal centres say some people who were fined hadn’t done the wrong thing

Fines of up to $4,957 apply for unlawful gatherings, as well as COVID-positive people or close contacts who fail to self-isolate.

Ariel Couchman, chief executive of free legal service Youthlaw, said the “huge” fines issued to her 26 clients were “crippling”.

  • A 16-year-old refugee who was walking with a friend in the early morning when he was approached by a stranger asking for directions. Police fined the boy and his friend $1,652 each for breaking restrictions on gatherings
  • A young man with mental health issues, including schizophrenia, whose finances are managed by state trustees, was fined for being outside his house while riding a bike
  • A young woman with a developmental delay was fined for shopping more than 5 kilometres from her home, despite the fact that the shopping centre was the closest to her home. She said police did not attempt to find out why she was there