Trump Calls for Probe Into Ilhan Omar Following Report of Her Allies ‘Illegally Harvesting Ballots’

James O’Keefe of the conservative media platform Project Veritas over the weekend claimed that supporters of Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar, central to her political base in Minnesota, illegally harvested ballots during a recent Minneapolis City Council election.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter in the early hours of Monday demanding that the Justice Department look into Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota for alleged “ballot harvesting”.

“This is totally illegal. Hope that the US Attorney in Minnesota has this, and other of her many misdeeds, under serious review???”, the president fumed.

Genocide Scholars Oppose Holocaust Pre-Eminence

Holocaust Supremacy: Pushback By Genocide Scholars. Holocaust Industry Subtly Promoted by Insinuations. Pine

Debating Genocide, by Lisa Pine. 2019. Bloomsbury Academic, London, New York, Oxford

Is the Jews’ Holocaust Above All Other Genocides? Allusions to the Holocaust Industry and “Property Restitution” Claims

This book provides a good introduction to the genocides of native peoples, Armenians, Jews, Sinti and Roma (Gypsies), Cambodians, Rwandans, and Sudanese. It conspicuously omits the genocides of Poles and that of the Ukrainians (Holodomor).

Texas Supreme Court: Biden’s Texas Political Director Accused of Illegal Ballot Harvesting

… Two private investigators, including a former FBI agent and former police officer, testify under oath that they have video evidence, documentation and witnesses to prove that Biden’s Texas Political Director Dallas Jones and his cohorts are currently hoarding mail-in and absentee ballots and ordering operatives to fill the ballots out for people illegally, including for dead people, homeless people, and nursing home residents in the 2020 presidential election.

The affidavits were filed as part of the class-action lawsuit against Harris County and the state of Texas, filed by citizens, called Steven Hotze, M.D. et al. Journalist Patrick Howley of NATIONAL FILE has exclusively obtained this testimony and much more evidence will be coming out in the case. Dallas Jones was named the Biden campaign’s Texas Political Director in early September.

Biden & the Ukrainian Corruption – But Who Cares?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption

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The Senate Republicans have released a long-anticipated report that details Joe Biden’s alleged conflicts of interest when he was vice president and his son, Hunter Biden, was making millions with sweetheart business deals in Ukraine, Russia, and China. The report states that it wasn’t clear whether Hunter Biden’s lucrative appointment to the board of the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, actually affected the U.S. policy carried out by Biden. At least based upon Biden’s own comments, this has raised serious issues for some time.

Nevertheless, this document has cast new light on the Bidens’ suspicious business dealings. Democrats will never be moved by this any more than they were with Hillary’s brother getting a mining contract in Hati when he was not a miner.

The level of corruption in Washington with family members hauling in millions has been standard operating procedure. It’s more than a swamp — it’s an ocean. Die-hard voters never seem to care.

Germany’s Merkel Visited Russian Opposition Leader Navalny In Hospital

…German Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalny in a Berlin hospital where he was recovering from what European experts have determined was poisoning with a military-grade nerve agent.

Bill Gates’ Global Agenda & How We Can Resist His War On Life

Comment by tonytran2015: While B.Gates was in charge of Microsoft he constantly made unnecessary changes to the building blocs of the software so that his company held a virtual monopoly of that system. We should worry that he would do the same w any vaccine he is associated with.

Source:  Dr. Vandana Shiva

In March 2015, Bill Gates showed an image of the coronavirus during a TED Talk and told the audience that it was what the greatest catastrophe of our time would look like. The real threat to life, he said, is ‘not missiles, but microbes.’ When the coronavirus pandemic swept over the earth like a tsunami five years later, he revived the war language, describing the pandemic as ‘a world war’.

‘The coronavirus pandemic pits all of humanity against the virus,’ he said.

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The Morrison Government’s message to Daniel Andrews: ‘Open faster’

Comment by tonytran2015: To discourage further mismanagement in Victoria, the Federal Government should adhere to its policy of reducing job-keeper and job-seeker supports from 28 Sept 2020. Leaving the supports at high level would be unfair to other states of the nation as ultimately they have to share the burden. Federal Government should also help Victorian residents challenge excessive/unconstitutional measures from the Victorian State Government.

… As the Federal Government finalises next week’s budget, with a deficit for this financial year of a magnitude none of us have seen before and large red numbers into the future, Morrison, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Health Minister Greg Hunt applied the blow torch to the premier.

“It will be important that more be done in the weeks ahead to safely ease more restrictions,” they said in a joint statement.

“We note that at similar case levels NSW was fundamentally open while remaining COVID-safe due to a world class contact tracing facility….

Project Veritas Cash-For-Ballots Voter Fraud Scheme Linked to Ilhan Omar Supporters

Comment by Jim Campbell: September 28th, 2020I tend to believe Project Veritas because to my knowledge, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have not been wrong.

A new video from Project Veritas asserts that Democrat Congresswoman and member of “The Squad” – Ilhan Omar – is named by alleged ballot harvesters who boast of how many unfilled, absentee ballots they have collected…

The harvesters repeatedly discuss how “money is king” and details how senior citizens’ ballots are confiscated from them in an alleged mass voting scam.

Victoria Covid-19 Hidden Agenda

Current (Labour) Victorian Government appears to be executing its own agenda to prolong the lockdown and increase the power grab for its bureaucracy.

Common sense requires that:

1/- Authority should close down or restrict and lift the standards on activities that spread the disease (age care, dayhealth care, meat work) while leaving alone activities which carry little risk (construction using heavy equipments).

1a/- Each occupation/specialty should be evaluated against its occupational benefits and risks.

1b/- Health care cannot be shut down but its usage should be reduced to lend available capacity to pandemic care.

1c/- Health care service should increase their anti-contagion measures.

1d/- Health care receivers should try to reduce their demands on the system.

1e/- Victorian authority should not promote unnecessary usage of its other services like home care, child minding.

1f/- Meat works which have high contagion rate need be reorganized immediately even at the cost of temporatory closing down. The state can go without fresh meat for a long while.

2/- Location and time of outbreaks should be clearly publicized to facillitate tracing. Sharing of information like in South Korea, New South Wale is necessary for trust in authority. Hiding of information put question on the honesty and sincerity of authority.

2a/- In the past Vietnam had successfully used its century old practice of painting white with lime any infected house. Presently Vietnamese authorities don’t hesitate from fully locking down any infected street blocks but the lockdowns are less severe for surrounding suburbs and even less for larger cities containing the suburbs. This method of graduated lockdown from ground zero keeps people away from infected area while allows un-infected areas to have near normal life.

2b/- Areas to be isolated should be street blocks with physically visible delimiting lines. It should not be replaced by any half baked high tech measure which only enrich bureaucrats with connection to phone makers.

2c/- Smallest areas to be isolated should be street blocks, not post codes and certainly not cities.

The arrogant government of Victoria must learn from non-White nations.

3/- Contact tracing must be done. New South Wale is doing it and has success in containing every outbreak. The arrogant government of Victoria must learn from New South Wale.

4/- Employees on salary of State and local governments should not be allowed to enjoy the close down of activitities. They should channel their activities to anti-infection measures: Publicizing latest informations on the pandemics, installing sanitizer dispensers at public areas, etc..

5/- Other States and Federal governments can HELP BY NOT GIVING unconditional limitless financial support to the State of Victoria. All financial help should be fully or partly repaid by Victoria in the future.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews another …

”Sinister reports” coming out of Melbourne quarantine hotels.

VIDEO from the link.

Sky News Australia – 2 July 2020

  • Why didn’t Victoria go down the same road as the other states?
  • Why was there no tendering for the contract?
  • Why did they turn down the offer of assistance from Canberra?
  • Why turn to Private Security Companies?
  • Why didn’t these people get the correct training?

Health Editor at the Herald Sun Grant McArthur says there has been a sinister revelation about hired guards at some of Melbourne’s quarantine hotels which have been linked to the recent COVID-19 spike.

On Thursday, a security guard has blown the whistle on an apparent serious lack of training at Melbourne’s quarantine hotels which were identified as the source of the city’s second outbreak of coronavirus.

Mr McArthur said on a “sinister note” it’s been revealed some of the guards “may not even exist”.

“There’s this rort called ghosting where you may have, say, 20 guards rostered on, (but) only 15 will show up,” Mr McArthur told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“On one level it’s a rort to tax payers, where they’re extorting wages … but the health authorities, who are supposed to be overseeing this, think there are more guards than what there is”.

There are also reports security guards slept with guests who were ordered to self-isolate inside their hotel rooms

GW: Politicians all running for cover now as an Enquiry gets underway. Ministers refusing to answer questions from MSM journalists. Quelle Surprise! I can tell you what went wrong without an expensive Enquiry. Andrews is a Globalist Goon who does anything he is told by the Deep State without thinking of the consequences!  Just like all those dopes running ROI at the moment including that latest goon O’Gorman.