YouTube Places Phony Snopes “Fact Check” On Joe Biden Search Results Claiming He Opposes Banning Fracking

… The “independent fact check” can be seen when anyone searches for “Joe Biden Fracking Ban” on YouTube.

The USA bogus “fact check” is in itself “misinformation.” Joe Biden does support banning fracking. He wants to outlaw any new fracking natural gas extraction projects. This would ensure the fracking industry itself would eventually die, as petroleum can only be extracted from existing fracking sites for so long…

Macron’s clash with Islam sends jolt through France’s long debate about secularism

… , he said: “Islam is a religion that is experiencing a crisis across the world,” … “We don’t believe in political Islam that is not compatible with stability and peace in the world.”

… “a conscious, theorised, politico-religious project, which is materialised by repeated discrepancies with the values of the republic, which often results in the creation of a counter-society and whose manifestations are the dropping out of school of children, the development of sports, cultural and communal practices which are the pretext for the teaching of principles which do not conform to the laws of the republic”…

ASIC deputy chair Daniel Crennan resigns following expenses scandal

  • Daniel Crennan was due to step down in 2021 but decided to leave immediately
  • The National Audit Office raised concerns about a $70,000 housing cost payment made to him
  • ASIC chair James Shipton stood aside last week over an investigation into tax advice expenses

ASIC chair James Shipton steps aside pending outcome of investigation into $118,000 tax advice bill

…In a statement, Mr Shipton said he had told Treasurer Josh Frydenberg he would stand aside pending the outcome of an independent investigation into the matter, commissioned by the Federal Government, which is expected to report back by the end of the year…

Dr. Mark Geier exposes the FLU VACCINE FRAUD

… By Howard Nema

Dr. Mark Geier exposes the FLU VACCINE FRAUD. He is not anti-vaccines, but he is anti-flu shots. His reasoning is accurate and reveals the obvious collusion between drug companies, the FDA and CDC. Dr. Geier is an MD and has a PhD in genetics and spent 10 years working at the National Institute of Health. He was a genetics professor at John Hopkins University and is also the author of over 150 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Geier worked on vaccine safety and efficacy for more than 30 years and was one of only four scientists that worked to replace the DTP vaccine that caused every child to become sick with a high fever at the time of vaccination. The revised DTAP vaccine, which is a more purified vaccine minus many of the dangerous adjuvuncts and now causes illness due to fever in only 3% of those vaccinated. Still, I would suggest we all stay clear of vaccines that weaken the immune system and have thimerisol, formaldehyde and other neurotoxins that cause disease…

Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family Was Compromised By China

… In a day when half the US population remained transfixed by the ongoing revelations about the contents of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” and the other half was doing everything in its power to ignore the news which the socials have conveniently been desperate to censor, a far less noticed but perhaps just as important investigative report authored by the unknown Typhoon Investigations, was released by Christopher Balding, Associate Professor at Peking University HSBC School of Business Shenzhen, China and also Bloomberg contributor  (which is odd considering the clear anti-Trump bias of the Bloomberg media empire) exposing Biden activities in China which “the press has simply refused to cover”, and which reveals “how Biden was compromised by the Communist Party of China.”

In a series of tweets around noon on Thursday, Balding said that he had really “not wanted to do this but roughly 2 months ago I was handed a report about Biden activities in China the press has simply refused to cover. I want to strongly emphasize I did not write the report but I know who did.”

Some more background on the origins of the report from Balding’s website:

For two months I have worked on behalf of my colleague to ensure that this report helped others report on the documented evidence of Biden activities with regards to China. I want to emphasize a couple of things about my own involvement.

  • First, I did not write the report and I am not responsible for the report. I have gone over the report with a fine tooth comb and can find nothing factually wrong with the report. Everything is cited and documented. Arguably the only weakness is that we do not have internal emails between Chinese players or the Chinese and Bidens that would make explicit what the links clearly imply.
  • Second, I will not be disclosing the individual who did write this report. They have very valid reasons to fear for both their personal safety and professional risks…

Father of Lies

One of the most intriguing verses in the New Testament is The Gospel of John 8:44. This verse has been hacked over and intellectualized over and over. Heads spinning, objectives contemplated and safety considered. It’s one of my favorite stories and it’s here at Bible Gateway (KJV)

It’s necessary to understand the context to fully appreciate the text. Jesus is in the temple and has just saved a woman from being stoned. Everyone leaves the Temple except the woman. Then an invisible Pharisee who wasn’t a man (verses 9-12) begins to have a discussion with him. The Pharisee challenges his authority and others join (also invisible?) and ask him about his father…

… The conversation goes on to my favorite verse where Jesus tells them:

44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

At the end of the chapter the invisible men chase him out with rocks…

The first is Bereishit (Genesis) 22, also known as the Binding of Isaac. The story is that Abraham goes to sacrifice his son Isaac, is talked out of it by an angel and sacrifices a Ram instead (Jewish Virtual Library). This is another one of those stories that’s been rewritten. Turns out in the original version, Abraham does sacrifice Isaac (Live Science). It is also not entirely clear if Abraham is told to do this by God. He definitely uses deceit to get Isaac up on the mountain. Whomever he is talking to tells him.

This leads us to the second story Jesus is referring to, the story of Adam…

Joe Biden Promises Forced National Mask Mandate and Regulatory COVID Nightmare When Elected…

Click link for video.

… As you watch this video from Biden’s campaign today it is important to remember state government officials have already moved to define “essential businesses” and “essential workers” during the forced shut-downs.  That is going to become a bigger issue downstream; however, for now just watch closely what Joe Biden is saying here:


The Dept of Transportation would be the agency enforcing a national interstate transit mask requirement…