Media Childishly Dismissive Of Gettysburg Vote Fraud Hearing

The mainstream media, rather than cover in any real detail the serious allegations of voting fraud that were presented at a Gettysburg hearing of the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee on Wednesday, instead mocked and dismissed the event.

Afghanistan war crimes investigation may not have uncovered all illegal killings, Angus Campbell says – ABC News

…Australian Defence Force Chief Angus Campbell has conceded Australian special forces may have committed more illegal killings during deployments in Afghanistan than have so far been discovered by a long-running probe…

ABC’s Mark Willacy wins Gold Walkley for Four Corners’ Killing Field expose into Australian war crimes in Afghanistan – ABC News

…The story uncovered suspected war crimes by the Australia Defence Force in Afghanistan, revelations that prompted the recent Brereton inquiry…

In Shocking Reversal, Wayne County Election Board Republicans Rescind Certifications; Claim Family Threatened

… Their initial refusal to vote placed the Board in a 2-2 deadlock, putting in jeopardy the state’s ability to certify Joe Biden’s win. Hours later, the two flip-flopped and agreed to certify. Now, they’re taking it back.

I rescind my prior vote to certify Wayne County elections,” wrote Monica Palmer in a sworn affidavit, who along with fellow GOP board member William C. Hartmann refused to certify the election on Tuesday. The two fell under intense pressure from the left – with Palmer claiming that her family was threatened (via Just The News). The two were also doxxed over social media…

Hartmann, in a similar affidavit, wrote “I voted not to certify, and I still believe this vote should not be certified.” He added that he and Palmer “were berated and ridiculed by members of the public and other Board members.”

Did the Voting Machines Lie?

as a software developer for 47 years, and as the founder of the field of software forensics, I can speak with confidence about voting machine technical issues and what likely did or didn’t occur. And as an engineering consultant and expert witness for technology litigation on over 220 cases, I can also discuss how the law works.

Whistleblower alleges order from supervisor to favor Biden mail; USPS whistleblower: I didn’t recant

0:00 USPS Pennsylvania Whistleblower: ‘I Did Not Recant’
Richard Hopkins, the U.S. Postal Service whistleblower in Pennsylvania says he’s standing by his statement. He said he overheard superiors discussing backdating mail-in ballots. He’s also alleging that he’s being coerced by investigators to recant his claims. And now, Hopkins has released a video denying he fabricated his allegations. That’s after the House Oversight Committee claimed on Nov. 10 that investigators told them Hopkins had recanted his statement.

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