Did Joe Biden Use THE HAMMER to Steal the Election? – Wake Up To The Truth

Comment by tonytran2015: It is statistically impossible for one candidate to receive 100000 votes continuously while the other receive none in a roughly equal contest.


… Trump was at that point already winning the central U.S. He was ahead in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and was gaining in Texas. A chunk of the western U.S. was still up for grabs. As noted above, if Trump won the states he was leading, and one more, like Nevada, he would win the election.

Then overnight, suddenly Biden is winning in Michigan, by over a 100,000 votes, and Biden is also winning Wisconsin. How did this happen?

“Trump had a sizable lead in Michigan last night, I saw this myself. Then out of nowhere, Biden surges ahead with 100,000’s of votes with none for Trump? This smells of voter fraud. Trump should have and still should win Michigan.”

Supposedly the sudden influx of votes in Michigan was a typo. Except that I noted Biden was still ahead with a comfortable lead even after the “typo” was fixed. Then there is the lead Trump had in Virginia and Rhode Island as stated above, except that these states were called for Biden. Another “TYPO”?

What if …

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