Easy steps of postal ballots harvesting

Easy steps of postal ballots harvesting

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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It is easy to harvest postal ballots and it can dramatically change an election results. This posting reveals those easy steps of that trickery. Organizers of postal ballots should be well aware of them.

1. Pick an electorate where your side needs only a small margin (less than 5%) to win.

2. Withdraw your constituents from electorate that gives your side little chance of winning. Remember that chosing to lose this single electorate gives your side better winning chance in more than 5 other marginal electorate.

3. Ask your constituents to register their votes in their marginal electorates of choice.

4. Change the rules on postal voting to create confusion.

5. Direct your posties to intentionally delay the delivery of postal voting forms to very close to the deadline. This create unpreparedness, confusion and despairs on constituents from the other political side this makes many of their votes uneligible.

6. At the last day or hours, deliver postal voting forms to all constituents.

7. Your side can then collect signed but unvoted ballot papers from uninterested voters nursing homes, private home and fill in the voting paper for them. Nursing staffs on your side can also put undue unethical pressure on patients to collect their ballot papers.

8. Misdirect or dump voting ballots from electorates supporting your political opponents.

9. Carry boxes of harvested ballots to the voting stations.

That is the game. It is unethical but there is little chance for your political opponents to avoid defeat.

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