Coronavirus cases in Wuhan may be far higher than thought, according to China CDC study – ABC News

The Chinese Centre of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published the results of a serological study of some 34,000 residents from Wuhan and other Chinese cities on its WeChat account earlier this week…

The CDC said it found about 4.43 per cent of survey participants from Wuhan had COVID-19 antibodies in their blood…

Suspected Chinese submarine drone found by Indonesian fishermen in crucial maritime passage to Australia – ABC News

… Images published in local media show Indonesian military officers posing with the unmanned underwater vehicle that was found just before Christmas near Selayar Island in South Sulawesi….

Famed tech guru hacks/gains control of Georgia voting machine DURING a legislative hearing on ballot fraud (video)! | Political Arena

… This is Jovan Pulitzer, he is the inventor of the QR code scanner that we all use on our phones as well as over 200 technology patents that make our computers, smart phones and inventory systems work today. During a legislative hearing on ballot fraud in Georgia his team hacked a Georgia voting machine being able to capture communications both ways from the machine. These machines are supposed to be secure and not even hooked up to the internet according to Dominion (voting machine manufacturer) and the Georgia Secretary of State….well they are. As you likely know there is a Senate runoff election happening in Georgia in a few days. Pulitzer has been exposing ballot fraud and the vulnerabilities of these voting machines for weeks now, Democrats caleld him and his under oath testimony a pack of lies, so his team hacked one of the machines during the hearing to prove beyond all doubt just who the liars are. Be sure to watch both videos:

China is taking down USA from “within” says Patrick Byrne | The Wentworth Report

China is taking down USA from “within” says Patrick Byrne. By Joanne Nova.

It may seem like a leap to say China is actively sabotaging the US. A more useful question might be to ask how much cheaper it is to pay off corrupt elites than to build a new aircraft carrier? Given that President Trump has stood up to President Xi and put an end to the rich game of trade deals, how much would it be worth to China to not only get rid of Trump (and all future Trump-copies) but also to stop free and fair elections in the US and to install a President they could control?

Jovan Pulitzer Reveals Live, Real-Time Hacking of Dominion Voting Systems at Fulton County Polling Station | The Wentworth Report

Jovan Pulitzer Reveals Live, Real-Time Hacking of Dominion Voting Systems at Fulton County Polling Station. By Cristina Laila.

Inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer was in front of the Georgia Senate today and he totally destroyed Georgia’s 2020 election results.

Jovan Pulitzer on Wednesday told Georgia lawmakers he hacked into Dominion voting systems at a Georgia polling place.

Pulitzer confirmed that the Georgia runoff IS connected to the internet.

He established a two-way communication from a polling pad in a voting center.



“At this very moment at a polling location in the county, *NOT ONLY* do we now have access through the devices to the POLL PAD, to the system, but *WE ARE IN.*”

Georgia hearing reveals LIVE, real-time hacking of Dominion Voting Systems. *Bombshell.*

— Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) December 30, 2020

The Covid joke is back to Melbourne.

Knowing that neighbouring state NSW is badly many case of Covid, Victoria is still unprepared:

No warning to Victorians.

No installation of free hand sanitizers.

No enforcement of recordings of visitors to public places like restaurants.

No transparency.

No accountabiliry on Hotel Quarantine.

Only boastings, bickering and wasting public money on increasing pays to local government employees who do not have to work in government offices which are still shut down.

More Victorian COVID cases are confirmed in Melbourne linked to Sydney outbreak – ABC News

… Three cases that were identified yesterday have all been linked, directly or through close contacts, to a Thai restaurant at Black Rock, in Melbourne’s south-east…

Covid-19 in the UK: Daily cases rising again -BBC News

… . It fell in November before rising steeply in December.

On Monday, Dr Yvonne Doyle, medical director at Public Health England, said: “This very high level of infection is of growing concern at a time when our hospitals are at their most vulnerable.”

Although the new variant of coronavirus is now spreading more rapidly than the original version, it is not believed to be more deadly…

US House of Representatives approves Donald Trump’s $2,000 COVID stimulus cheques – ABC News

… The United States House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted to increase COVID-19 relief cheques to $US2,000, meeting President Donald Trump’s demand for bigger payments…