Patrick Byrne: There are traitors in the White House | The Wentworth Report

Comment by tonytran2015: Money can corrupt.

Betrayed from within:

Byrne has done several interviews in the last week. This one with Jerome Corsi was probably the most detailed. Worth watching, as an extraordinary history unfolds.

He tells a tale of insider white-anting at the Whitehouse where senior legal staff have apparently been offered million dollar salary packages by outsiders and threatened to be “cancelled”, if they don’t play the right game, which is to talk Trump into conceding. The senior team are leaning on the juniors. The self-serving lawyers are shockingly disrespectful and sexist, and Byrne would sack them in an instant if they worked for him.

According to Byrne, Trump is the smartest man in the room (Byrne has a PhD from Stanford) — a gentleman, very different to what the media portrays, and “too nice” almost to a flaw. Byrne is a small L liberal who didn’t vote for Trump, but appears to have become one of his biggest supporters since meeting him…

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