Famed tech guru hacks/gains control of Georgia voting machine DURING a legislative hearing on ballot fraud (video)! | Political Arena


… This is Jovan Pulitzer, he is the inventor of the QR code scanner that we all use on our phones as well as over 200 technology patents that make our computers, smart phones and inventory systems work today. During a legislative hearing on ballot fraud in Georgia his team hacked a Georgia voting machine being able to capture communications both ways from the machine. These machines are supposed to be secure and not even hooked up to the internet according to Dominion (voting machine manufacturer) and the Georgia Secretary of State….well they are. As you likely know there is a Senate runoff election happening in Georgia in a few days. Pulitzer has been exposing ballot fraud and the vulnerabilities of these voting machines for weeks now, Democrats caleld him and his under oath testimony a pack of lies, so his team hacked one of the machines during the hearing to prove beyond all doubt just who the liars are. Be sure to watch both videos: