Why I Am Joining The Jan. 6 DC March For Trump – Wake Up To The Truth


On Nov. 4, 2020, I suddenly saw with my own eyes the depth and breadth of the political corruption myself and others had tried and failed to prevent for so many years.

Jenni White January 5, 2021

I am angry…

I’m angry because I’ve been playing by the “rules”: paying my taxes, being civil and tolerant of my neighbor, accepting without protest the election of past presidents I didn’t support, and never threatening physical violence, using name-calling, canceling careers, using government goons to unlawfully spy to invent reasons for impeachment, or using media to misreport, misrepresent or otherwise create dissension and anger. Yet the other side has carte blanche to do all this and more without condemnation, conviction, or retribution of any kind.

Yes, the world will continue to turn if this election goes to Joe Biden. Yes, Jesus is still on His throne. In my view, however, God blessed us with a nation unlike any other ever on this planet that was created to allow individuals more freedom to speak, worship, and live than in any other.

Our Constitution reserves nearly all power to the people and very little to the government, yet we’ve continually chosen government over freedom in our individual lives to the point we’re now standing at the edge of a very deep precipice from which we may not return. It’s hard not to be angry when confronted with this earth-shattering truth.

On Jan. 6, I will try one more time. That day I will stand with fellow Americans on the Mall in Washington DC, where I will once again petition Heaven, where I will again hope to see results before I quit for good. Jenni White has a master’s in biology and has had careers in advertising, biology, epidemiology, and teaching. She is the former education director and co-founder of Reclaiming Oklahoma Parent Empowerment and has written for publications including The Pulse, the Heartland Institute, and American Thinker. She is a homeschooling mother of five currently serving as an elected official in the small town where she helps her husband run their microfarm. She can be reached at jenni.rope2.0@gmail.com. Photo Elvert Barnes / Flickr

via Why I Am Joining The Jan. 6 DC March For TrumpWhy I Am Joining The Jan. 6 DC March For Trump

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