AMERIKA: How America Broke Up With The Democratic Party – By Thom Hartmann | RIELPOLITIK

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 “…The year Reagan was sworn into office, the United States was the largest importer of raw materials in the world, and the world’s largest exporter of finished, manufactured goods. We brought in ores for manufacturing, and shipped out everything from TVs and computers to cars and clothing. Today, things are totally reversed: We are now the world’s mining pit, the largest exporter of raw materials, and the world’s largest importer of finished, manufactured goods. We’ve gone from trade surpluses to trade deficits, a reflection of the fact that our factory floors had moved to Asia and Mexico”

SM:…With apologie’s to readers – due to technical glitches, I find myself inconveniently without the use of my main computing source just as America enters treacherous unchartered’ territory with the swearing in of President-Elect Joe Biden. Either way, a nation divided with no middle ground is a nation staring into the abyss….may cooler hearts & minds prevail….

How America Broke Up With the Democratic Party – By Thom Hartmann / Independent Media Institute

Working-class Americans had fallen in love with Roosevelt and Democratic Party policies in the 1930s, and that love affair persisted across the better part of three generations. In the past few decades, though, they “fell out of love” with the Democratic Party and began regularly putting Republicans in charge of the country.

What happened?…

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