The Deadly Brain-washing by Leftists in the USA

by tonytran2015.

First people from neighbouring tribes come together for mutual prosperity and defence. Since they were neighbors they interbred and formed homogenous race. Nations and races co-evolved since ancient time. Can anyone deny this? Is there any archaological sites offering contradicting narratives?

Nations had trade and also from time to time took in dissidents and warriors from other nations to strengthen their own.

Next came the lying Leftists, they brain-washed nationalists into organizing nations with no regard for racial heritage and allowing massive immigration of outside races (They still could not brain wash a Russian Vladimir Putin and a Hungarian Viktor Mihály Orbán).

Leftists brain-washed nations into not integrating new immigrants and let them form ghetto with all the vices brought from their failed former nations (if their nations had not failed, they would not migrate).

Leftists then organized “democratic elections” where voting were not for ideology but for racial and ghetto entitlements. This is on top of leftist recruits using familial and racial connection to (illegaly?) pressure their family members and relatives to vote along racial lines. The typical current election cries are : “I am one of your race, vote for me”, “Our race has not been entitled, vote me in to make us entitled”.

The once pure races that had built their nations are now each in minority in its own nation and one by one each loses its own nation that had been built through hard work and virtuous culture.

This proves true that Democracy cannot last once its constituents have found out how to abuse the communal treasure.

Sadly, the once great USA had also followed the above path. It is now too late for those nations.

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